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I need to figure out what kind of pill I found in my floor, so I know if it's safe to take.?
I need a website or someone to tell me what it is. Its a medium sized white pill, circle shaped, it says "DAN" on one side and the other side has the numbers 5513. What is it?

if it was on your floor, it probably isn't safe to take anyway.

phone a pharmacy, you should never take anything that you don`t know, just throw it out!you`ll be safe this way.a lot of generics have these numbers. check with your other meds to match them,

Fairy Princess
Why would you want to take a pill after it's been on the floor? I would not take it, one, because it is probable dirty, and two, you don't know what it is. That could be very dangerous to take it. I would throw in the trash or even flush it down the toilet.

Get rid of it. Who knows how long it's been on the floor and who or what walked on it. Do you really want Fido coming in from outside walking through who knows what and then treading on the pill?

You don't know how long it's been there so you don't know if it's past its expiration date.

Why not look at the meds you're currently taking and see if it matches one of those. If it doesn't, you're no longer needing it so get rid of it.

Call a pharmacist who may take the time to look through the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) to identify it. You can buy one of these for yourself or look at it in the public library. Also, at most pharmacy counters there's a paperback book called The Pill Book that may help.

When I had a large quantity of pills to get rid of the local Poison Control Center said to put them in a plastic zip-loc bag with water. Heat in a microwave until the pills are melted or close enough that you can crush them. She said never flush pills down the sink or the toilet. If it's a single pill, crush it and put in the trash.

Why would you take the word of a stranger on a website open to anyone?

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant. It works by blocking nerve impulses (or pain sensations) that are sent to your brain. Do you put everything in your mouth that you find on the floor?


sounds like it needs to be tossed out... better yet, flushed

Jada A

Why would you even consider taking something you have no idea what it is? Maybe you should take it and find out.

Go onto the net and pull up what is professionally called a "PDR." The acronym stands for Physician's Desk Reference and every pill/tablet known to man is in there with a picture and a description of identifying marks.

An Unhappy Yahoo User
By your question...you have become a candidate for the Darwin Award.

I am hoping you really didnt want to take it, just make sure what it is, so you know how it got there.

why would you want to take the pill anyway. just through it away for whatever you will need one for just go to the doctor. it is not that serious. just toss it

why would you want to take a pill you found on the floor unless your a junkie? Dont be dunm toss it out.

call poison control say you found the pill in your sons jacket and you want to know what hes taking describe it and they will tell you ive done it before

Aimee B
I would say that since two different people knew what it was...that is probably what it is...but why take the chance? Do you need it that bad? If it was on the floor you don't need to be taking it anyways. The only person I know that was taking pills that had been on the floor just because they didn't want to lose it in case it was "good" drugs...was a drug addict...and my best friend. Don't take it...throw it away...flush it.

Why bother taking it if you don't need it or even know what it is? Flush it!!!


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