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I cant stop "peeing" out of my butt!!!!!?
I dont know whats wrong with me. Not sure if I have the stomach flu or a virus or something else. I know its disgusting but I feel like Ive been "peeing" out of my butt since this morning...no poo, just complete liquid, and its like every 10 -20 minutes!! I also feel nauseous. Whats wrong with me...and is there anything I can take to help me?

Stop what you are doing and go to the hospital thats not normal at all go to the hospital. be smart do not wait for someone to tell you on yahoo answers whats wrong, just go and find out that way.

is it orange? cause i had that problem. I don't know what it was but it smelled like i **** my pants and it was really gross. It stopped though and then i never got it again.

ewww get a doctor like now cuz ive had the flu and i didnt pee out of my butt

Its the swine

Several things can cause this, but I'm focusing on one thing right now:

1. Influenza. If you are going every 10 to 20 minutes, then you need to go to the nearest emergency room, for that amount has by now surely dehydrated you, which will lead to a host of other serious ailments. Also, if you've recently received a flu vaccination, this may be a side effect. In 2003, I was basically "peeing from my keister" in the same manner. I also was vomiting. It's a good thing I called paramedics, because it turned out that I had the flu sooo bad that they had to admit me to the hospital. By day two, my temperature had reached nearly 104 F. Three days on IV antibiotics and clear liquids and very close monitoring got me through it. I wouldn't waste time with Imodium AD, not right now. With that much diahrrea, you may have a very serious condition. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING BY MOUTH, NOT EVEN WATER. NO MINTS, NO GUM, MOUTHWASH, ETC. All you'll wind up doing is throwing it up. NOTHING BY MOUTH.

Once you've gone to the emergency room and they've ruled out influenza, they just might discover something else that you've overlooked. Don't fool around with this much diahrrea. Go to the emergency room.

You may have eaten bad or not fully cooked meat. I recommand a doctor.

yeah goto your doctor, they are going to ask for a stool sample which will totally embarass u or just eat more fiber and see if that doesnt help.

El Esplendido
Diarrhea, take loperamide medicines

Bad times. Go see a Doctor?

Ela D
sounds like you are sick, some virus is noming on your tummy! look up symptoms on google and ask your doctor

Bellαs Cнi Pwиs.
LMFAO "buttplug" im dying of laughter, ahahahahhahahaha. LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO.

Erm, you probably have diarrhea.

Mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Atqw19C.HhN6B7RXn.rqk5Psy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091028170540AAJVC6m

Drink TONs of water to run the virus though, sit on the toilet with your favorite reading material and relax (as much as possible)

Probably a stomach bug. Take some Imodium AD and drink black tea. Eat toast and bananas.

imodium ad will fix it. you prolly have a stomach virus, food poisoning, or the flu. ull be fine.

You have diarrhea. That should go away as you start to feel better. You could get over the counter stuff to treat the individual symptoms. Or better yet, go to the doctor (or one of those doc-in-a-box places) to rule out anything more serious like Swine flu or something.

Yup, that's diarrhea, and probably because of a stomach "bug." But don't take meds to stop it, because you want the bug out of your system. If ever, you should try stool softeners. Drink plenty of fluids :) and if you're hungry, you can make use of the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Apples, & Tea. Good luck!

Sounds like a gastrointestinal virus. Make sure you are drinking LOTS of water to prevent dehydration. Eat some dry bland foods if you can like crackers, white rice, plain spaghetti noodles, etc. Just keep hydrated...that's the main thing. Are you running a fever?

Peter e
Oh god, You're doomed.

dirheara toot toot

Muffin Muncher
Diarrhea? An upset stomach?

American Joga Bonito

it's called diarreah. retard.

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