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 Does anyone know why do we sigh?
I sighed today and then thought to myself why do we sigh. Is it just plain emotion or does it have something to do with the lack of air. Like if we are so depressed or stressed that we don't ...

 What would happen...?
if there is a person really sick and needs a major operation but is too poor to offer it
will they still give him/her an operation or let him/her die?

just curious...
Additional ...

 Does the sign at any of the drug rehab center's say: 'Keep off the Grass'?

 100 answers! thumbs up to all who participate!?

do you enjoy life?

thanks in advance!
Additional Details
COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!...

 why does people smoke even though it can destroy their lungs?
i'm mad at whoever started to make a thing called smoking. i'm ...

 blood pressure question?
im 17 and i discovered that my blood pressure is higher than normal for may age. im not overweight (maybe 5lbs but nothing much) and eat pretty healthy, and am participating in a sport. waht can i do ...

 Y/A , can be a hub for Blood Donner's ?
It's my hobby to donate Blood.
Can I try to collect informations of other donner's
over Y/A . So that any body can take information from
Y/A , when ever in need of ....

 How does the body heat itself up? What controls a fever to get higher?
I think part of it is the immune system. What controls the "thermostat" in the body?...

 Why do people get headaches?
what causes them? what happens when you get one? what is the best way to rid one self of a headache?
Additional Details
a headache not caused by intoxication to be more specific....

 Why does the recent panel making recommendations of breast screenings not believe that?
that insurance companies and the up and coming national health care plans will begin to deny mammograms for women under the age of 50?

the numbers do show higher incident rates at that ...

 Health. Is there any decent tasting soluble paracetamol out there?
I have to take soluble paracetamol every month, the tablet form does not work for me.

The ones I take are disgusting and I struggle to take them!

I have tried Panadol and the ...

 I feel sick and ill every day?
I'm 17 and i think too young to have such problems. I constantly have a combination of headache, extreme fatigue, muscle pain, fatigue, depression, or something else. Like when I wake up and go ...

 When I get a bright idea, I get a tingly feeling down below. Does that happen to other people?

 Are you snoring yourself to death? Can snoring kill you?

 At what age did you realize you were Infallible >?
Thanks Brooklynn =)...

 Is "Old Age" actually a cause of death?

 Help with drug abuse?
My brother has a BIG problem with drugs, my mother and i have cleaned out all of the drugs from his room today and when he gets home he's gonna freak, i no that just by taking the drugs away isn&...

 What's wrong with me . . .?
Ever since I was little I have had Mucus in my throat, Sometimes are worse than others. I remember when I was four I almost choked on it. I have sore tonsils sometimes, and whenever I wake up in the ...

 Best brand of breath mint?
I find my breath smelling kind of bad later in the day at school. What brand of mint do you guys use and lasts the longest? I got a bunch of eclipse mints the other day but they seem to only last ...

 How to change a messed up sleeping pattern?
My sleep pattern is really messed up. Around 7:00 or 8:00 pm I feel extremely tired, like I can sleep all night. Then I wake up around 12:00 or 1:00 am. I cannot go back to sleep until 7:00 am and if ...

Max W
I am a boy but want to become a girl. what do I do?
I am a 13 year-old boy but I want to become a girl. I am attracted to girls but still wish to become one. I am also afraid of the consequences from friends and family. Please Help!

Donnie H
hello chop,,chop

Ryan S

Anthony M
Talk to your father and seek his advice

you need to speak to a counselor. becoming a girl is a huge deal! you need to want this for years before you are actually able to do so. you are still young, so you might change your mind. you are at that age where hormones run wild and your reality and fantasy can get a little mixed up. if you speak to a counselor, maybe she can get to the root of if you are really a woman trapped in a man's body or if you have some issue that can be resolved, thereby allowing you to remain a man (which would make your life a million times easier). if you do become a woman, which would have to happen when you are an adult - not a teen, you would have to see a counselor for several years, and change your name to a woman's name and wear women's clothes for a certain amount of time and see how you react to people reacting to you. then you would have to have costly hormone treatments (which you have to have for the rest of your life) then you would be able to have the operations necessary to make you a woman. i hope you change your mind, as you will lead a difficult life if you do this. people are not accepting of this for whatever the reason - maybe they just do not understand.either way, good luck, and i hope you can be happy.

Ask your parents if you can go to counseling to deal with your conflicts. You do not need to be specific. Maybe you could tell them you are feeling depressed and need someone to talk to. You could also seek on line support groups. You won't be able to make any permanent changes until you are an adult, but it may help if you can manage to surround yourself with as much support as possible until then.

PS Please be careful, there are ALOT of predators (adult) out there who will "offer support" only to prey on confused young men such as yourself. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRUST. I can't say that enough. Don't be scared, just be cautious.

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