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I'm sick, and my eyes hurt.. is there anything I can do to relieve them?
All around my eyes is burning pretty bad, it's driving me nuts. I already took medicine for head colds and it helped my sore throat a little and the pressure/swimmy feeling in my head, but it didn't help my eyes.

Anyone know of some old wive's tales or other remedys to help the burning sensation all around my eyes? It's hard to sleep and even hurts when I close them!

Additional Details

punch em

Lady F
First off STOP looking at the computer screen. Or TV screen. Or any screen at all. Rest for a while put a wet warm towel over your eyes.

If that doesn't work then get some eyedrops. And Repeat

Eric F
try eye drops

also a frozen bag of peas wrapped in a towel is good
also a wet cool washcloth across the eyes and forehead will help

Have you dried eye drops?

Are they pink? You could have conjunctivitis (aka pink eye).

If all fails, call a doctor.

disclaimer: not medical advice

Blue Rose
A cool rag as compress and after that slice some cucumbers and lay them on your eyes......I feel comfort already!

My eyes (in and outside of them) get really irritated by allergies and I use allergy eye drops.

Cucumbers are always an old standby

It's true about the computer...it's not helping.

Wash them out then if you have any eye drops that could help. If you do not eye drops just dab your eyes with a towel lightly after you wash them. Also if you feel dizzy put some nice oil like lavender or tea tree on a towel or a flannel and then put it on your forehead. Relax and breath in the smell. Hope I've helped you, get better soon.

use a raw steak

try scented candles. :) it always works for me.

I just hold cold water in my hands and bring my eyes to it, and it will help with the burning for a while

Taylor Parisi
green tea
ring out the tea bags and put them on your eyes for about 15 min,

put some cold slices of cucumbers on your eyes, expect to cry though cuz it gets gunk out ur eyes.

Seth. Snuggie Sutra with Me.
Okay go get some salt, open one eye and pour in, that will make the other eye seem not so painful at all lol.

Serious though put a cold wet towel on them, get well soon.

Derick S
get off the computer


Sounds like a bad cold you've got. Hope it gets better soon.

There's a good chance if you have a cold that you'll catch an eye infection too. Conjunctivitis it's caled and it's very common. I've had loads of them and it sounds very similar. Itchy sore red eyes, burning pain and sensitive to light.

Best thing to do is to go to boots or your nearest pharmacy and get anti-biotic eye drops. Tell them it's for conjunctivitis and they'll know which ones to give you.

Kepp them in the fridge and use them 3 times a day i think and it'll clear up in a couple of days.

Hope this sorts you out and get well soon


Eye Drops ;;;
Tehy WEll Do IT Good

Put a warm or cold washcloth on your eyes while you lay down. That always helps me. I usually put a cold washcloth. Let me know if that works
good Luck and get well soon.

try apple cider vinegar, internally. two teaspoons three times a day with a big glass of water and honey. good luck:-)

Big D
take a nap

Geography master
You could buy some eye drops it might be hay fever but you should see a doctor as it might be conjunctives which is a eye infection which your eye is all red and there is discharge coming from the eye its self. I hoped this helped and your eye gets better soon.

Mr. Brightside
Im resisting the urge to make a joke about the burning sensation, but you can try eyedrops or perhaps an allergy medication that releives the dry itchy eyes that come with allergies.

Take a wash cloth and wet it down with cool water and fold it up and put it on your eyes. Once it gets warm, raise it with cool water, fold and put it on your eye. keep repeating it

cucumbers, it cools ur eyes and refreshens it

Popeye & Olive Oyl
my only suggestion is "GET WELL QUICKLY"...Keep smilin :)

Take a few shots of bourbon, OK Several shots!!!!! :D

A cool, wet cloth would help. Also you can try cold, squeezed out teabags or even cucumbers.


it will help relax your eyes.

hope I helped
best of luck to you.

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