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I'm having trouble breathing?
For the past couple of days I have been feeling short of breath. I don't smoke or have asthma/allergies and I'm not old. I exercise and eat healthy. It doesn't seem very life threatening and nothing else is wrong with me but my chest feels tight and my breathing is heavy.

Hussain N
don"t drank milk or eat choclate always drank tea and eat jam in morning at night drank soup and eat apple so you will be fine god bless you .

You really should see your doctor, it could be a heart condition, maybe just a slight virus, but go and see about it.

This is tree allergy season. You may have an allergy to some tree in your area.

couple of possibilities come to mind...
1- muscle cramps (but that would probably not have lasted a few days.
2- asthma (some people develop it later in life) - when was the last time you were checked?
3- precursor for stroke or heart attack? (I don't think it would last a few days, but it is a symptom of both.)
4- tuberculosis (certainly a symptom)
5 - lung cancer

Can't think of anything else. Think you should go to a doctor, or at least put a call into your family physician and see what they think.

God Bless,

Scabius Fretful
See a doctor. It could be an impending heart problem - and age has nothing to do with it. Better safe than dead!

carol anne
you may be having a stress attack. you need to talk to a doctor. it could be a heart condition or a variety of other conditions.

like someone else said it could be anemia...go to doctor!

go to a doctor
you may have something serious

See your Dr. If it gets worse, go to the ER.

check for bed bugs. these little critters could actually cause the above symptoms. if not, you may be suffering from another disease, hopefully it's not heart related.



Please go check yourself out.

I had the same symptoms and I am also healthy and excersize and everything.

Boliver Bumgut
You may have an allergy you are unaware of, like pollen, or mold, dust.. etc. They develope in us as we grow, see a doc to run a few skin tests (dermatologist) or a Physician that deals with Respiratoy problems, such as pluerisey, and asthma

You need to go to the ER or the doctor right away. Even if you are young and in good general health, it could be something serious, like a heart problem, blood clot or infection in the lungs, etc.

Go Now!

Go check with your doctor. One of my good friend had the same kind of symptons and it turn of to be some kind of muscle atrophy. so please check with your doctor.

try opening your mouth

I am not going to pretend to diagnose your problem because I think you should go to a doctor or the ER. However, you may be having an anxiety attack. I had one years ago and the symptoms were similar. Go...check it out. Don't take chances with your health!

Buzz s
Have you been to the doctor yet? What did they say? There is something going on there and we can't diagnose it from a distance! There are many things that it could be and some of them ARE life threatening.

try a doctor..i think it would be better if u would monitor ur condition for a few more days before going..

go to the ER or an immediate care center, something like feeling SOB (short of breath) might seem small but can be caused by major things... better safe than sorry.

It could be a sign of allergies especially right now a lot of people are complaining of their breathing that never had problems with it before. i'd see your doctor and explain what you just did here and see if him/her can figure out what is going on or put you on an inhaler to control your breathing.

muscle cramps

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