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How to get rid of acne without using creams etc??

go get a face transplant

what you eat has a lot to do with it your family dieat how clean you are so on pets dont help eather.

janine s
Hello there.

You must buy WRIGHTS COLTAR SOAP which is very old fashioned..but it works and gets rid of spots.Secondly check that you are drinking enough fluids..ie water or cranberry juice.Thirdly if you are under great stress try to find a way to relax at the end of every day.There is evidence to suggest that stress effects you phyisicaly.

try putting toothpaste and babypowder on your face!

it helps

use a scrub instead.A face scrub is alot more healthier and has microbeads in it thatfeel rough when you rub it on your face.I would def. recomend Noxeema Citrus Scrub with vitamain C i think.its not a cream but its a reallyy good scrub lol.Well yeaa hope this helps!! BYE 4 NOW!!<33333333

Move to a hot, dry climate with low humidity.

Morgan M
I wouldn't wash your face with actual soap, that could cause more acne. Wash your face gently with a cloth and warm, not hot water. Our body's oils dissolve at a temperature not much above body temperature. Don't scrub. Shocking your facial skin with hot water or astringents will actually make acne and other types of blemishes worse. If after 4 or 5 days you don't see an improvement, try using a very gentle cleanser during one of the daily washings. Phisoderm and Aveeno make very gentle cleaners. Neither of these actually contains soap.

Wash ur face every morning and night..with soap...properly

I tried all the creams and over the counter stuff, and nothing worked so i went to the doctor and he tried different tablets (like oxytetracycline) that you needd percription for, and they helped, then because they were still there I got Roacutane from the hospital, and in a few weeks they were completely gone. It is miracle stuff. Even if you dont want tablets, your doctor will know what to do best.

Wash your face often, With soapy water.

If you have acne and are insecure about it or just want it off your face, talk to your mom.

Sadly, you cannot get rid of acne without washing your face. There are tons of kinds of different gels, washes, etc to wash your face with. Talk to your mom and she'll buy you something which you can try. If you like it, continue to use it.

If you dont see any progress (and make sure to get a second opinion from a parent) then try a different wash, or see a dermatologist. They can perscripe creams for your face which you put on your face every morning and before bed.

Also, here are some tips to prevent acne:
1. Dont touch your face, the oils from your skin can clog your pores.
2. Sunlight doesnt nessecarily help! It actually makes it worse. Sun burns the acne so it goes away, but eventually the oils come back.
3. Popping your pimples just make the oils worse which clog your pores, so try not to pop them.

Hope I helped!

late fee
pop em.

i wish i knew
Your face and your acne is like a window into the inside of your body, so the fact that you are breaking out indicates that maybe you aren't eating the healthiest of foods. You should completely clean out your diet. Eliminate sweets and fried foods and junk food. Eat lots of fruit and veggies (make sure you get your protein as well: a good book to check out is "You Are What You Eat" by Doctor Gillian McKeith). Don't skip breakfast. Drink water. (make sure you don't drink within a half an hour to each side of eating because you will dilute your digestive juices and food will sit in your stomach longer. Wash your face with warm water every night. (Get your face cloth nice and hot and lay it on your face for about twenty seconds, then gently scrubb upwards). Use natural soap like once a week, but not more often because it dries your skin out too much. Don't touch your face because it can transfer the grease and dirt from your hands.

All these things should clear up your face in a few weeks or a month depending on how bad your skin is right now. This is not an instant miracle, but you will be healthier because of it.

Like..Oh My Gosh!
well..if you dnt wantto use creams..use pads..they have oxy..&& that stuff..but if you dnt want to do that..&& do it all old nat-ural..lol..then just keep your face clean..&&..well..u no..lol..

If you go to your doctor and ask to be referred to a dermatologist, they can give you a course of tablets that will clear it up.

Only if it's really severe though. Kinda stuff that will give you scarring in later life! Otherwise you're back to using oxy ten and stuff like that

Do you mean acne or a few spots? Acne requires proper treatment. See your GP as you would really need medication. Your diet will have little effect if any.

Dr Frank
Your question is a bit unrealistic. There are multiple managements for acne available, but all involve doing something.

You can use cleansers and degreasers, most of which use peroxide in one form or another. The alternative is to use local or topical antibiotics.

The only other thing I can suggest is that acne does get better in sunlight.

I've heard hanging out at the beach helps, sun and salt!

You can try fish oil....it works very well for my wife...and it has many other benifits..you may have to try different doses...good luck....

Crush up an aspirin and put lemon juice in it. Use the paste (before going to bed) to apply to the affected area. The citrus will draw out the oil and dry the affected area.
Try it, it really does work.

Tara ツ
Drink lots of water
Eat a well-balanced diet
Get lots of rest
Wash your face twice a day with non-fragranced soap and warm water.
Don't rest your chin on your hands or constantly touch your face.

Drink lots of water and wash your face and keep it clean (regular unscented soap)

Wash your face reguarly with just water. Eat healthily- chips and stuff just make you greasy, causing more spots. Lots of fruit, smoothies and veg should help as well. What about using a face wash? Why don't yon want to use creams?

Knock Knock
Drink lots of water, eat healthy and try some organic methods like oatmeal masks ect...Also one thing people never do is use moisturizer...What happens is you use the stuff to dry out the oil and don't replenish your face with moisture so your oil glands work overtime trying to hydrate your skin causing more acne...I had acne all threw high school into collage until I started using moisturizer because I was in cosmetology school and they used that when they do facials and now I am cured....The first time I put it on my face it my face completely soaked up all the moisturizer and if felt like I didn't even put any on...I found out that my face was just dirty and thirsty all those years....

does sound dirty but i had bad acne and found it was all the soaps and creams that was causing them to come.

so when you wash your face next dont use any soap or face wash and just juse warm water.

Keep doing this and it will all clear within 2 weeks- you will see improvement.

it really does work as you need to let the oils go into your skin and when constant washing face with soaps, its taking the oils away.

Crush an aspirin until it is a fine powder. Mix with lemon juice. And dab the mixture onto the zit. I've tried it.

Mrs Ritter xo
Are you hoping for a miracle?

go to a dermatologist

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