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How to get marijuana out of your system within 4 days?
-Today was my last day smoking and i have 4 days to get clean!? help

drink plenty of water, and shave all your hair, any drugs you take will always leave a trace in your hair.

illadelphia kid
Drink lots of water and pee constantly.
If you are really desperate and it sounds like you are, drink vinegar. It's disgusting but it works the best.

mystical s
either get some sure gel get it near where the canning stuff is , drink it , or get some goldenseal but it has to be the root goldenseal , drink it alot of it and water , get a pre drug test at a pharmacy

Don't start smoking it in the first place.then you'll never have this problem.

Liver detox. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices. Warm lemon juice drinks in the morning. Lots of purified water and a good liver herb tonic. Good luck.

Buy some piss cleaner


........... Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200.

The absolute minimum time it will take is 6 days if you were an infrequent user, up to 28 days for chronic use. There is nothing available to speed up the excretion process.

Yore B
You really should've planned your time out better. I've cleaned my system out in 2 weeks before, but 4 days? Your best bet is to get you some of that synthetic urine. It works like a charm. -BTW, don't listen to anyone who tells you to drink vinegar or pickle juice. It will not work. If you want to use your own piss, get something from a head shop to clean out your system.

drink lots of water and cranberry juice.
take NIACIN every night.
work out and sweat alot.

it's not guaranteed but it will help.

depends on how much and often u've been smoking. i was a casual smoker, and didn't take in too much at a time when i did smoke, and i quit 3 days before dropping for a job, yet i dropped clean.
my suggestion for u is drink things like gatorade that have niacin in them. you can buy niacin pills at the drugsotre, but concentrated doses i hear make u itch like mad. also drink a LOT of water.
good luck to u
**if ur still nervous, u can go to the store and buy an at-home drug test. they're a bit pricey, like $20 or so, but they'll tell u if ur dirty or not. i'd wait til the night b4 for that tho.

Bragger S
Damn depends on how much you smoked..but if it was more than a couple drags you'll be in trouble..I really don't know what to tell you...blood cleansers might work but don't go all willie nillie taking it cause I'm not sure..but look up Aloes that tends to have some cleansing properties...you have some research to do.

hello darling
you don't

anyone who tell you different is a jacka$$. there are ways you can trick the mashine but i t still would show a litle and depending on how sensitive the machine is you'd fail anyway.

my stupid stoner frineds say there is fake pee you can buy and use. but you have to find out if they even sell it near you and you'd have to put it between your legs or in the elastic of yr undies to keep it body temp and also bcuz they make you empty yr pockets

next time, don't smoke when you don't have more that 4 weeks to get your system clean

go run 3 miles sweat alot and drink loads of water
and good luck just sweat alot and drink aolt of water
go run and work out alot

worked for me


Clay C
fat chance, you've gotta take other measures such as dilution, fake piss, piss that is not yours, powder to add to the piss, or a masker that you drink beforehand

meqhann . !
ehhhh : /
i dontt thinkk yu cann doo thatt .
whateverr yourr goingg too tell them yourr siickk or cantt makee it .
i also heard of drinkingg allott of water . but idk if thats truee

Daron M.
It totally depends on how much you smoked before. If you were a daily smoker, you have NO chance. It will stay in there for about 20-30 days, and thats if you TRY to get it out. Marijuana attaches to your fat cells. You should get one of those detox stuff at smoke shops. I heard it works. But you HAVE to read the instructions. Do that AND drink cranberry juice and water ALL day. Try sweating too! It moves your blood to your kidneys to get filtered out. Sweat a lot, literally be sipping some liquid every second, and get that stuff from a smoke shop and you might be okay. Good luck! You should have planned it, if you had a chance. I did.

Johanna J
If you're a regular smoker, you're screwed. There are a number of products that claim to help detoxify, but 4 days is too short. If you have to be tested, your best bet is to collect a urine sample from a clean friend and then hide it on your person. M&Ms minis canisters or a plastic bad tied to the leg work. They may check for temperature, so make sure it's close to the skin. Hopefully you won't have to have someone watching you.

Depends on how much you weigh, and if you were smoking daily or not (like others said). If you only smoked one time, you have a shot if you are really skinny, its possible, but weight is key. Ive passed it in 3 days, but I weigh 150 and Im 6"4, so Im extremely skinny, plus live in Florida so Im active and sweat all day long. It stays in your fat cells, labs look for metabolites the thc produces, so you need to not only get it out of your fat cells, but your urinary tract. cranberry juice or azo cranberry pills for urinary tract, exercise, low fat, high protein diet for fat cells, if you can sit in a real hot shower for awhile thats good too, sweating is very good. Dont exercise on the last 2 days though. It might be smarter to get synthetic urine though. Call around to all your local head shops and ask if they carry it, most do now adays. It works everytime. Dont put it in your pocket, they ask you to empty your pockets at most clinics. I know Quest Diagnostics does for sure. If you cant afford synthetic urine, then get yourself a friend who is clean, and get yourself some hand warmer pads and a rubber band and small bottle. Have your friend go in the bottle, then rubber band the hand warmers to the bottle to keep it at body temperature, use a thermometer to make sure its the right temp (98 degrees). You can find hand warmers at Target.
I have the #1 video on the internet for passing a drug test without having to buy anything. Just look at the comments under the video, many people have passed with my advice.
I sponsor High Times magazine.

Detox drinks do not work, look at the ingredients, its just water and creatine, tools to dilute. If you happen to go to a lab that passes for dilution, you're lucky, but if youre going to dilute, do it the cheap way and drink 2 liters of water right before the test. Chances are that they will not pass if its diluted. Quest and Norchem do not pass for dilution. So I advise against doing that, but if you are going to buy a detox drink, that would be smarter, but they are both bad decisions.

I've had 22 jobs in my life and I've been smoking weekly for the past 12 years, trust me, I've taken alot of tests.

I agree with Clay C and Holly's answers

4 days?! Well, if you smoked regularly...like once a day or once every other day...it's impossible!!

You can buy that nasty drink that covers up the toxins for a few hours though.
You can drink a ton of water and try to sweat it out, but I don't see that happening unless you only smoked like once a week or less.

Jamie B
good luck mate, they dont always show up right anyway. i done one and i passed, despite smoking it the day before. yeah i didnt know they were gonna ask me for one.

cross your fingers, thats the best way.

Chaz DC
Maybe you can drink a lot of water, not sure, But I do know that if you smoke occassionally it stays in your system up to 10 days, regularly up to a month, and constantly up to 90 days or more.

We Fist Pump Like Champs!
i dont think you can...sorry maybe you should have stopped sooner

go to puck technology website will direct you to the wizznater or use some body pee that's clean put in a condom and buy a hand warmers from wall-greens wrap it around it

marijuana can stay in a person's body for as long as 3 to 90 days after smoking or being ingested orally. There are numerous determining factors for how long drug toxins stay in a persons body which vary from person to person, such as the analytical method used, your health, your body weight, metabolism, fluid intake, the type of drug toxin, and the degree of exposure to the drug toxin.

The speed at which marijuana leaves your body depends both on the speed of your metabolism.

you can try buying all that over the counter crap, but its gonna stay in your system for 30 days...

You can't. Marijuana metabolizes in your fat cells that are stored in your body. If anything, you can dilute the sample by drinking a lot of water. 4 days will certainly not give you enough time to be clean.

get a new body.

uhh looks like your in trouble if i were you i would drink alot of water so you piss it out lol

sum *s L = 2short
Goldenseal root- norm takes 10 days but can not hurt...GNC

Niacin- take this every day in high doses WARNING for a few hours after you take this you skin is going to itch...GNC

Azo Standard-You will pee red or a realy dark orange stop taking this atleast 24 hours before your test...ANY local drug store it is for urinary tract infections

Buy a large jar of pickles (gallon size) drink the juice easier than drinking vinegar

Drink a Gallon of water a day

Also ask the person in local GNC for a drug test urine cleaner take as instructed on the bottle most of them will tell you to pee the 1st bit in toilet do not fill bottle full try and only give the amount needed or just a bit over and pee the rest in toilet

AND PRAY......then if you make it through this do not mess up again

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