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How to come down when on cocaine?
I want to know if there are ways to make yourself come down from the high when on cocaine.

walk into the nearest police station... tell them your high... and that you desperatly need help

stay down stupid just say NO

ben b
Depends what you mean?
you are high, from the proper amphetamine content, and dont like it....tough. To take an anti depressant (which depress you!) while on anphetamine, is silly, and not effective.
once the high has begun, after an initial 20 min at most,(of the actual cocaine) the amphetamine part kicks in, or, moreso ,the putty wizz amphetamine, its cut with. This amphetamine base can last for hours, of restlessness, and anxiety.
though colobian coke is a pure drug, and local anestetic, its usually well cut with wizz. this is an anphetamine and can last for 8 hours. Best to just sleep. if jumpy, eat well (as you can, as its an appetite suppressant) and have hot drinks, or do physical activity like walking and fresh air.
Your question sounds like you dont reallyknow cocaine, or have very adultarated coke...ie, wizz.
proper pure cocaine will last 20 mins, of buzz, with down feelings after, itself a come down, you dont need to come down off it, as such.
Whatever your mix, if craving, or coming down off wizz, nurophen is good, 2 every 30 mins is good.
Out of the readily available painkillers, nurophen is best, to alliviate symptons of coke, as it is mildly coke type based, yet with other helpful active ingredients.
NOTE: im talking to someone who does illegal, potentially lethal drugs, here, so i am condoning FAR more than the safe dose of shelf farrms!

First off - Coke is a bad bad idea...
That said, there is no way to come down quickly. I would suggest staying home while you are coming down so you don't get yourself into any trouble.
Make sure you drink plenty of water to help flush your system & plan on sleeping a few extra hours the next day or two.
Vitamin B tablets may help you feel better & more energized while coming down.

Chill out on the sofa and watch a movie like Apocalypse now, or stopping taking coke would be the simplest remedy.

No once you are on the drug you just have to let it run its course.
Now for opiate like heroin there is a drug that can sober you up instantly.

Tom Bilak
Who in the right mind would ever wanna come down? Thats mainly the reason why I'm currently homeless, recently family-less, and unemployed. Stay up while you can, cause when you come down, you're gonna crash like a 757.

jimmy j
Valuim, or Xanax or both and smoke some kill. Youll be out in no time. So ive heard.

Richard B
You just have to wait it out. Do things that are calming so you don't get all jangled and hyped up.

a joint

No man not really. All i can tell you is drink a few beers because it takes the edge off. Xanax will help a little too. Neither will really make you come down just help you not feel so bad when you do come down.

In the old days we used to take a quaalude but now they are not around anymore.

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