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cel's giant beaver
How soon after you start taking high blood pressure medicine do you notice a difference?
Or do you even notice a difference?

I don't know anything about this kind of stuff. The beaver needs your guidance.

Jungle Man
If you take it as a suppository you'll notice the effects right away.

dodging cars in the street is what gave u the high blood pressure. if u wanna lower it, go fvck jj's husband for her. she needs to show him she knows wtf shes doing was right and that its him and not her!!!!! ;)

jj, i aim to help my friends!! hope u see this!!

Medicine Woman
Depending on the medication it can take up to 6 weeks but you usually feel better in 2-3 weeks. Some signs of feeling better are more energy because your heart is not working as hard, less dizziness from the pressure coming down, no more headaches from the pressure being too high. It is true that not all people have symptoms of high BP but some do and these are some that I have listed. I had them. I had horrible headaches, dizziness & tiredness. It is called the "silent killer" because not everyone gets symptoms but as I said, some people do. So yes, some people notice a difference and others don't.

Ntharotep the Dragon
I noticed it within a few days. I was stressing because I forgot to take the stuff so much that I think my bloodpressure went up...

not much difference

It depends on what medication and dosage you're taking. Most of the time your doc will tweak your meds until he finds the right med & the right dose. You may not feel any different but it should start to affect your blood pressure as soon as you start taking it. If you feel dizzy call your doc. You'll probably want to go from lying to standing slowly at first because sometimes when you first start taking blood pressure meds they can make you dizzy if you stand up too fast.

I sure hope you're ok!

It took my husband 3 weeks to show an improvement..about all the help I can offer.

I been on high blood pressure med for a 2 years or so and didnt notice any difference other than when you check your blood pressure at doc or one of the machines in the retail store.

I felt fine before i was taking them and felt fine after starting, i didnt feel any difference but the numbers on the machine were lower.

My husband says he didn't feel any different. You just have to check your BP to see if it's gotten better.

Robert T
My blood pressure meds say to take 2-3 hits and watch comedy central............They work like a charm. :)

it shouldn't take too long. a year at most! lol

Michael T
I've never felt a difference. Except when exercising. One medicine I used to take held my heart rate down and made it hard to exercise.

The effects on blood pressure on the other hand were immediate for me. Another one I took, called HCTZ I think, gave me kidney stones. I'm off that one obviously.

surprisingly I've been on BP meds for almost 10 years now.
I never felt a thing.
I had a friend who took some and he had a lot of side effects. He was shaking so hard he couldn't do anything, it was weird.
One time I took the kind that were water pills as well and I didn't like those at all. with those I had side effects.

I hope you're ok..

((((((( cel ))))))

215/ 135..........i notice if i don't take it........i explode........seamanab x

beta blockers reduce blood pressure on day 1
you'll most likely not get palpitations (if you had them)
Any headaches that were bp related will likely go
the numbers come down to a safer pressure
Most people have no symptoms wilth raised or high bp.
they should be taken as directed.

You do not notice a difference. have it checked every day for a while.

Atleast a couple of weeks to get in your system.

~Penny Laine~
High blood pressure is the "silent killer".

99.9% of the time there are no symptoms.

Therefore you most likely will NOT feel any difference after taking the meds!

AJ smooch zombie :[
I once took my dads high blood pressure medicine...you know, for kicks...it wasn't fun. fin

sorry I can't help you, I have not high blood pressure, but my brother does, it should work after a half an hour or so, just like any other medication

MrM ®
Usually takes at least a couple of weeks, depending on the medication.

You will feel bad side-effects and symptoms of allergy after only a few doses.

If you start getting hives, it gets hard to breath, or your heart starts tripping out, call your doc IMMEDIATELY or go to the ER.

~bottomless hugs for my Beaver Buddy~

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