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 Is this normal when getting a massage?
I am not trying to be perverted in any way. My question is for professional massage therapists. I have recently started getting massages for sore muscles so I am kinda new to the experience. I have ...

 I can't wake up in the morning!!!?
I just can't seem to get up in the morning!
I set two alarm clocks, which I leave around my room, but I always wake up 10 minutes after I'm supposed to be in college with no memory of ...

 I'm addicted, please help me?
I'm an addict to air. It started when I was young and it's gotten so bad that no matter how hard I try, I can't go for more than thirty seconds without another fix. I've tried to ...

 How do you detox from Nyquil?
I took nyquil around 8pm last night.. I can not keep my eyes open and it s 9am the next day. I've eaten, took a shower..and still can't get my eyes to stay open. Do I just sleep it off? Or ...

I'm very depressed. My mom recently kicked me out of the house for smoking weed and I currently have no home. My friend is letting me stay at her house for a little while. Anyways, I don't ...

 hi i have a white bump on my tounge?
i went to webmd and i dont know what it is. im positive its not herpies or some diesase, and i,ve been brushing my teeth so im pretty sure its not from bad breathe.
its annoying as hell and ...

 Is your heart pumping, blood surging through your veins, are you alive?
How does it feel for you? Is it good, great, fantastic or ordinary? Go on tell me what life is really like for you? Imagine I'm an alien and share with me what humanity and living is like for ...

 Do you belive microwaves are good or bad for your health?
Just a little servey Im having. Whats your thoughts?...

 anyone had prescribed DUCENE 2mg for anxiety, are they good?
my dr says theyr pretty mild, 1st time ive been prescribed anything for anxiety
do they help at all?,, are they addictive?,,what can you tell me about them?

thanks, i keep getting ...

 Why Won't My Sore Throat Go Away?
I've been sick for the past week. My sore throat just will NOT go away. D: I take medicine every day, and I chew those Halls throat lozenges daily. But the sore throat just won't go away! I...

 Medical mystery....help please? DOC'S WELCOME (ANONYMOUS)?
Can you help me solve a medical mystery or suggest where I can go? DOCTORS PLEASE!?
My wife has a medical mystery or even a "wonder" per say. She has a numbing, burning pain that ...

 Should I see a doctor about a sty?
I had a sty, which I get occasionally. This one was very mild, never hurt too terribly and was starting to go away. I woke up this morning with my eye nearly swollen shut, and I need to have it ...

 How do I get my voice back after a bad chest?
Now only dogs can hear me and it was squeaky enough as it is although it started off low but has reached an all time high please help!
Additional Details
Blasted swine flu no doubt....

 Why can I not see my reflection?
I have looked in a mirror and found that I cannot see my reflection. I am fairly sure that I am not Vampire. Why is this?

The the mirror a window?...

 Drugging people with perfume samples?
I have heard from many different people to be careful with people trying to sell you perfume. Apparently it is drugged and when you smell it you are knocked out unconscious and then they can rob you ...

 Why does ur nose run but ur feet smell?

 what sleeping pill should i replace halcion with ?
Halcion is a benzodiazepine called triazolam ive been taking it on and off for 10 years ..i ve taken halcion to relax or to sleep and wonder what drug will i replace it with when its ...

If you have insomnia what do you do to help you sleep?...

 When medication says, "take with food" is there any specific food that is better to take it with?
I'm starting a new medication tomorrow and of course, one of the side effects is nausea. I can eat with it and I'm wondering if there is any specific type of food that is better to minimize ...

 why do you always have a falling sensation when you are falling asleep?

How often should a person have a bm?

depends what you eat

I think the "average" is between twice a day and 3 times a week.

Jumpin' Jahosaphat
ideally you should have a bowel movement 20 minutes after every meal. This is ideal because the ideal meal is mostly greens, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and the occasional meat. Since hardly anyone has this diet nowadays, one or two a day is great. I might suggest detoxing or fasting for 5-10 days and then noticing how your body reacts once it's cleared of everything that's already in your body. You'll most likely have a BM more often than you used to after that

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