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Carrie W
How much does a quarter of marijuana weigh?
Its for a paper I'm writing thanks

a little tip..( in paopers you can make up facts as long as they sound true) a qauarter only weighs a few ounces, about the same as a few cotton balls in a ziploc bag

You're either talking about a quarter of a gram or a quarter of an oz.

Marijuana is only measured by weight and if you're talking about a quarter ( 1/4) its just a fourth of whatever the weight of your orginal stock of marijuana.

what kind?
dirt weed-$10-15 dollars
med. grade (commercial)-$10-25 dollars
Nookers, BC, Hydro $50-80
Outdoors-$35(purple, or good buds)$40-70
Outdoor Sticky heady-$70-100
Indoor Heady Organics-$80-120

well, the answers in your question, it weighs a quarter, thats a quarter of an ounce.
an ounce is 28grams, so half is 14grams and a quarter is 7grams.
so if youve got your digital scales to hand and your marijuana weighs less, youve been knocked....lol

A quarter of what? Of an ounce? Than it weights a quarter of an ounce.... Of an pound? Than a quarter of a pound....

George W. Bush
a paper...sure... >_>

8 oz

a quarter of an ounce. thats why its called a quarter.

it depends how you weigh it if you look at it its called an eyeballed quarter if you weigh it on a scale it is 7 grams unless you are wantting a quater pound than you are looking at 4 ounces and 4 ounces equal 112 grams me myself i like the eyeballed bags get a lil extra get a lil less but eyeballed bags are the best

I think it's about 7 grams.

1/4 ounces. Roughly 7 grams.

7 grams.

quarter ounce

1/4 ounce.

in stoner weight 7 grams in true weight 7.0875

A quarter refers to one quarter of an ounce.

Quarter of an ounce???
Not really sure

dark angel of rock
welp imma stoner. and had that much once it's 7 grams.

1 pound =16 ounces (oz)
1 oz= 28 grams
1/2 oz- 14 grams
1/4 oz- 7 grams (quarter)
1/8 oz- 3.5 grams (eighth)
dub- varies from 2-2.5 grams
L or Blunt or Dime-1 or 1.5, depending on how good it is.

an ounce is 28 grams
A quarter is 7 grams

7 grams

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