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Kayla W
How many times a day should you go to the toilet?
My friend said that she only goes to the toilet once a day but i go like 4 or 5 times!

Hope S

How many times you need too. Some people only need to go once or twice, other many times. It all depends on 'how much you can hold' Don't be worried, I'm sure every thing is fine.

bada..boom. :)
go to the toilet to urinate are for a bowel movement? if its bowel movement one time a day its fine...

fabian l
well sum food goes faster than other down

Kangaroo lover
1 time a day doesnt sound to normal she isnt drinking enough water obviously but i go at least 5 times

depends on your metabilism, and how much you eat and drink

Viola Lee Blues
i go once or two times.... i think at one point i went sometimes none. i don't think too much or too little is heatlhy tho
im a small person hahahah

Bad Co.
1 or #2, one several, two at least once or twice.

Enough times so that you don't pee on yourself. What kind of question is that? I will say that once a day is extremely unhealthy and your friend is probably lying for attention or very ill and doesn't know it yet. Holding urine for 24 hrs can result in kidney stones and a lot of other problems. If she only needst to go that often, then she is dehydrated and that causes a multitude of problems, including death. Anyway, I think your friend is lying. There is no right number of times. You should take in a minimum of a half gallon of fluids a day, meaning you have to pee at least that much. Can you pee a half gallon at a time? Not likely.

I only go 1-2 times a day. moring and night.

Make sure youre not peeing more then you usually do. My cousin noticed he was peeing a lot more in the day then he used to- so he went to the doctors and got diagnosed with diabetes!

It depends on the person honestly. There is no set number of times that is considered "the norm."


As often as necessary.

Tamara A
4 or 5 times is way more normal than just once! Also depends on how much fluid you drink per day...

Erich Franz
i go twice

everyone's body and will is different. when i wake up, i have to pee right away and then sit around for 30 minutes to go #2. after that, i probably wont go again until 2 pm and then again when i get home and right before bed. UNLESS i'm on a water binge for the day in which case i'll go 10 times easily. OR if i have a zip fizz or something with extra electrolytes in it, all bets are off. If i haven't gone running or done some form of exercise even if its just walking 10 minutes, i cant go #2 and if you don't go regularly, you'll get backed up and have headaches and probably gain wait. i love my fiber and fruits and vegetables. for sure. :)

Super Bruin
4 or 5 times is a whole lot but i know someone who goes 6 times. it really depends on the individual. i literally go maybe every 3 days but thats only because thats just how it works for me, i eat healthy and im overall healthy too. dont sweat it

Everyone is different. I think your friend is out of her mind if she says once a day. Although I am pregnant I would say four or five is totally normal!

yeah its different depends on how u are. your friends need to eat or drink more water if hes only going once a day.... that cant be healthy.

Depends, you'll be on the loo all day if you've eaten a curry.

Lovely Love
it depends, but maybe like 5, 6, or 7

It depends on each person, not every body ans system si the same

It depends..

Becca bOO
yeah its not healthy to go to the bathroom once a day
you have to get toxins out of your body in order to be healthy.
and when you drink water or liquids you usually pee alot during the day and food makes you go number 2. its all the toxins that need to come out of your body and you should be going to the bathroom atleast 5 times a day. it all depends on what your eating. hope your friend doesnt have an eating disorder.

piss 2-4

dumping the max is 2

It is common to go to the toilet between 2-6 times a day. Maybe your friend just has a larger bladder than most people and she waits until she is really busting until she goes.

I could use help with this question, I only go to the bathroom for "#2" about once or twice a week. I do pee a lot, for me three or four times a day when I dont drink a lot but If i drink a lot its double that.

it depends on what you eat. but once a day for # 2 and several times for #1 if you drink enough.

thats kind of unhealthy to only be going once a day, the average is 4+

Jimmy F
i just sit on there all day just in case i have to go

It depends on how much you eat and drink, and simply how your system works. for example, one person may pee 5 times a day, and take a #2 once a week. or another person may go one time daily for it all.

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