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∂εɔιтση яεʌεη υσʎ ℓяιƃ εнт
How long does weed/alcohol stay in your system?

If your 15 and 105 pounds.
Additional Details
Dont worry guys, my parents taught me better than that =]. I was just curious.

Deece 1
alcoho about 24 hrs weed about 7 days for urine - hair follicle test 6-8 monthes good luck lol

Depends on how much you smoked or how much you drank. Personally you should be doing either, but to answer you question weed 5 - 7 days and the alcohol usually a few hours depending on how drunk you are

i had a friend who smoked weed every day for years... he quit for a drug test to get a new job... it took him over a month to pee clean again

If you smoke a lot then it could take up to a month, but if its just a little now and then, it could take as little as a week

alcohol isnt stored in your fat so its like 24 hours after you drink.

THC sticks to fat, so all you need to do is burn off some fat after you smoke (jogging, sauna, etc). At 115lbs, I'd assume you have a pretty speedy metabolism, so it should work pretty quick for you. THC builds up in your system if you use it frequently, and could take up to 30 days to get rid of for people who smoke A LOT. However, if it was a one time thing, you can have it out of your system in 3 days if you focus on burning fat and drinking things that make you urinate (cranberry juice, lemon juice). Alcohol only stays in your system for a day.

weed can stay for over a month- the fastest way to get it out is to exersize and drink a lot of water. The thc is stored in your body's fat cells, so if you burn off the top ones, it gets out of your system. the water will help flush it. you could be clean in just over a week if you work out for an hour each day and drink a gallon of water a day.
the alcohol takes much less time, just a day or two, if you are drinking a ton of water.

weed is bad

16-24 hours depending on your kidneys efficiency

Your body starts to break down alcohol with the average rate of a 16 oz beer per hour. 16 oz. beer- 4 oz wine - 1oz liquor is all equivalent. Thats why you start to feel drunk after exceeding that rate. Example: Drinking one Long Island Ice Tea will take 2 1/2 hours not to show up, 2 of them would 5hours and so forth.

With weed it can take up to 30 days naturally for a regular smoker. You can speed up this process if its a urine test by drinking fluids and flushing out. Alot of the over the counter products for that they test for now. If its a hair test, you are screwed unless you shave your entire body. Hair test goe back 6 months for every inch.

Everybody is different so always allow the maximum amount of time before testing just to be sure.

alcohol...usually fades away in about a day...weed takes about 30 days sometimes a lil longer or lil less all depends

living life
At that age, hopefully long enough for the cops to get a reading.

You're 15, 105 lbs, and you're drinking? My friend, you're going to kill yourself.

If you're 15 and any weight you shouldn't be worried about it. You should be more worried about those brain cells you're killing. Apparently you've already lost some since you misspelled/misused the word "your."

your liver repairs itself from alcohol every 2 months and its perfect

weed about 3 weeks i think

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