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How do you tell if you have Pink Eye?
I've never had pink eye before and neither has anyone in my family..but i think i might be getting it..Around my eye it's like all red and raw and itchy..and my eye gets blurry all the time..I was wondering what the siptims for pink eye were...Can anyone help me?

Oliver Kloz-Hoff
"siptims"... i like that word.


Jennifer has it. But its very contagious call the doctor and wash your hands. Also throw away the Kleenex you use to stop it from dripping. All in your family will know what it is. Tomorrow morning your eye will be swollen and crusty from the puss that runs out at night. Just put a warm rag on it for a couple of minutes then start to clean it so you can open it. Call doctor for eye drops.

redness, pain, discharge........not to worry minor eye infection..dr will give u antibiotic eye drops.

Don't mess with them eyes!! See a Doctor right away. Might consider ER. I think pink eye is an infection of the eye ball it self. Not of the eye lid or that.. And believe it or not.. Your eye ball turns pink!

the irritation outside the eye is likely for rubbing it as to tell if you have it. Ya need to see a doc. cause if you do you'll need antibiotic eye drops. And keep your hands away from it and wash them often


yes that's what u have just go to the store get some eye drops for itching,redness,and irritation it should help it may burn at first just don't put your hand in it or to much touch young kids with it. Good Luck

-Clear,green,or yellow discharge for the eye
-Crust on lashes that cause eyelids to stick together
-Eye Pain
-Swollen eyelids
-Sensitivity to light
-Redness and gritty feeling in the eye
-Intense itching

If you have conjunctivitis, (pink eye), you will have a lot of discharge and the whites of your eye will be red. Also, you will have sensitivity to light. Any light will be painful. I know, I catch it from my students sometimes.

if your eye is swollen and it's getting puffy and red and itchy!

I do Not Know...but I too have had the same as you describe. I'm 54 and my Mother who sa me the other day, said it looked like it. Suggestion from Mother to me...go to Expert Eye Doctor for full exam. They are the ones that will tell you. Not places like lens crafters and such.
Hope you get better ... and me too!

those are some traditional symptoms. If they last much longer I would see an optomitrist, because its possible you have pink eye or and infection. It could be that if your wear contact lenses that they are old or faulty. Or there may just be something in it that irritated it. Put a cool washcloth over it for now to ease the itch.

You have conjunctivitis, which can also be pink eye. Either way, conjunctivitis WILL spread. Do not touch the other eye. Wash your hands more often now and go to the doctor to get some drops.

if its pink eye then it will crust over and especially in the morning it will be crusted you won't be able to open your eyes. Its a yelllowish green discharge and a crust and itches bad! The doc can give you eyedrops for it

good luck!

Celeste A
Your description fits very well with pink eye (a form of conjunctivitis). You need drops to kill the bacteria. Please note that pink eye is contagious.

Symptoms. The word is symptoms.

It sounds like you definitely have some kind of problem with your eye. Chances are your vision is blurry because of the pus from an infection... yes, it could be pink eye. Wash your hands often to try to avoid spreading the infection, and go to an urgent care or doctor right away so you can get treatment. Even if you don't have pink eye, it's important to get any eye problem seen by a doctor right away.

flow z.
you should check out this web site its www.webmd.com and type in pink eye...it will tell you everything you need to know even the treatment and how you can prevent it.

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