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Lynn G
How do you know if your low on iron without a blood test?
Someone told me that if you rub white gold or silver ring on your skin and it turns color, then you are low on iron. Is this an accurate test? Why does my skin turn color if not?

I don't know about that. But if you pull your lower eyelid down and it is pale pink instead of red you have anemia. Also if you press on your thumb nail and it takes more than 3 seconds to turn from white to pink you could be low on iron.

you always feel tired eventhough you've had enough sleep. i've got low iron so i would know.
try the website it goes over all the symptoms

David T-V
to know if you're low on iron is like parsay your tired, low energy,etc,etc.

I would consult a Doctor to be sure. I have a friend who is low on iron and has to have IV treatments 4 times a month because she does not retain it.

No way is that true, only way to find out is to get your blood drawn & a clinic to give you results.

the crusader
No. Without a blood test there is no way to know for sure.

That test is to see if you are acidic I believe, and you use a real gold ring and run in along your cheek. If it turns green you are acidic or vitamin c deficient. To have an idea if you are iron deficient you look at your bottom eyelid. Pull it down. If it it white-ish then your iron is low. If it is red as it should be then your iron is normal. That came from my doctor.
That's how he told me to monitor when I stopped taking the iron pills, to be sure I wouldn't need more.

The only way to know for sure is with a blood test, anything else is a myth and you will never know if your iron is within normal limits.

Never heard of that. The only real way is with a blood test. I have heard that if you pull your eyelid down and it doesn't look pink you could be anemic.

The Oldest Man In The World
Sounds like mumbo jumbo. Try adding more iron to your diet and see if you feel better. ( but be careful not to exceed the recommended dosage, as it can be bad for you.

Old wives tale. You really can't know for sure with out a blood test....but you can predict based on your signs and symptoms:
Pale skin
A fast or irregular heartbeat
Shortness of breath
Chest pain
Cognitive problems
Numbness or coldness in your extremities

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