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 I am having a total knee replacement on Tuesday. Does anyone have any tips for recovery or words of advice?

 How much does Life Alert cost per month?
Life Alert for Seniors. What are the upfront and monthly costs?...

 I just cant seem to cry anymore, whats wrong with me?
I have been very sad and depressed a number of times, but i just cant cry. I dont understand why i cant cry, its really weird. Sometimes when i feel really bad it kinda helps to cry but the tears ...

 How old were you when you started shaving your stomach and inbetween your breasts?
idk when...its a little hairy but i want to go to the pool a lot this summer with out people noticing......

 My right forearm and hand have been feeling like they fell asleep for like 6 hours now......?
Like that picky feeling when the circulation gets cut off. Should I be concerned? Or is it time for me to get a girlfriend and settle down?...

 How does a girl pee standing up?
I go hunting a lot and it's very uncomfortable to sit on a log, talk about splinters. ouch!

So if you know how or know of a web site please tell!
Additional Details

 What happens if anemia is left untreated?
I think I have anemia (have all signs and symptoms, and a quick check up from a doctor that said he thought so, too). Problem is, I cannot afford to get to the doctor now.

Is leaving ...

 What would cause blue liquid to come out of the skin?
About 9 years ago my mom had a mild to severe stroke in which while she was being transported to the hospital she was allegedly leaking a blue-liquid from the skin, which could be wiped off. I know ...

 What to do about a lingering cough after the flu . . . ?
I had the flu (upper respiratory) for a week. Since then, I've had a cough. It's gone on for two weeks. I've been taking Mucinex and a cough medicine prescribed by my doctor (the week I...

 What causes the lump in your throat when your about to cry??
Just out of interest, what exactly is or causes the 'lump' you get in your throat when your about to cry?? If you leave it long enough when your really upset by something and you try and ...

 are your concerns as redundant as mine when?
when it comes to, just what is healthy to eat and drink ...

 I was down with high temperature last couple days.Lost taste in my mouth. What should I do to get it back?

Additional Details
lol@ Darth.. **ewew@chicken salad**...

 About what age do adults start to shrink in height?
And does this happen to little people, too?
Additional Details
I noticed that I've shrunk about a half an inch in the last year, so it got me wondering....

 Is there a safe way to let blood?
Ok, before I start, I'm not a psycho or a vampire. I'm contemplating making a painting out of bandages and such, and I feel that only real blood will add the authenticity I want. [And I'...

 A question about clotting disorders?
Factor V Leiden deficiency and antiphospholipid antibodies......

What is the difference? Similarities?...

 Could someone survive on nasal mucous?
Details: I heard that there are enough proteins and minerals in my mucus to survive for a week. Is this true? Does anyone know the actual vitamin and mineral content in a dime sized amount?...

 What can people do to feel less lonely besides getting hooked up with someone because they feel so bad alone?

 Help help. I got gum stuck in my hair?
Yikes! I got a huge wad of gum stuck in my public hair. What would be the best way to go about gently removing this sticky mess?
And don't say shave it cause I'm growing it out for a ...

 It's so hard for me to wake up in the morning!?
No one likes getting up in the morning, but it's almost physically painful for me to get up in the morning. I set my alarm an hour and a half just to actually get up in time. My body hurts, my ...

 Are Amish healthier .... ? ?
Check out this story. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20081212/hl_nm/us_heart_gene

When was the last time you saw an Amish buggy going through a McDonald's drive thru ?

Common ...

How do tattoos stay, if we grow a complete new skin every 3 months?
Since our bodies are constantly renewing themselves our skin is never more than 3 or 4 months old. Where is the ink?
Additional Details
sorry folks but acccording to science we none of our skin cells are more than 4 months or so old, even the deepest layers. We also grow a complete new skeleton in about the same time as the skin. We have completely new eyes every six weeks and a new stomach lining every 4 days. 98% of our body is less than a year old.

My wife suggested that maybe the skin cells reproduce around the ink molecules. It's not like the skin and ink have merged molecularly, they are still seperate. Maybe she has the best answer.

Tattoo ink is embedded into the 2nd layer of skin which is much deeper than the top surface layers which are shed.

we change our whole skin in 3 or four months!!!! what are we snakes??

I would assume that they would put the ink a little below the renewable skin... thats a good question, though...

It's Magic!

the tattoo is deeper in the skin than the bits that grow and renew all the time.

the needle penetrates into the layer of skin underneath the dead cell layer which replicates, so the ink of the tatoos lies underneath this layer which remains so it stays, thats why hena tatoos fade because they only go on the top layer which is the dead cell layer which flakes off

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