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 how do you fall asleep quicker?

 How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?

Additional Details
**** you man, they are hereditary and drugs have nothing to do with it....

 What are some ways to minimize "dumping syndrome" after gastric bypass?
I have a friend who is losing weight due to this and has problems with her blood sugar dropping....

 I am considering lasik surgery for my astigmatism. My vision beyond arm's length is 20/15. But up close, blur.
I have to put on reading glasses to see anything up close which is frustrating to me as all get out. If anyone has dealt with correcting astigmatism with lasik, I would appreciate hearing your ...

 pot or alcohol? which is more harmful?
So, we're looking at your typical passive pot smoker who chills out at home and has a bad case of the munchies! Then there is the dude who had afew too many drinks and might get into fights (...

 Help with tinitus PLEASE it's torturing me !!?
I understand that some people hear ringing, some people hear screeching, beeping, buzzing, whooshing....

but for me, i hear it SO loud it's like a sound of "eeeeeeeeeeeee"<...

 What can I do to stay awake?
I'm at work and I can't stop yawning or even worse wishing I was sleeping. Is there anything that will help me. I got six hours of sleep last night. I just drank a soda for the caffeine....

 Do you suffer from SAD? What can I do to combat it?
I really suffer in winter and am desperate. I do not want to take pills. Thanks!...

 What are the absolute best contact lenses?
I wore contacts a few years ago, but I guess my eyes are sensitive because they were always really bothering me. I understand now that contacts are much better and more comfortable, even some that ...

 Buy Soma Online?
Hello, do most people today prefer to buy soma online instead of buying it on traditional drug stores?

I just found a site that sells it online http://www.pillsless....

 I can't do push ups! is there something wrong with me? what should i do? i have trouble doing 2!?

Additional Details
im not over weight! im 13 5' and 108 pounds thats not over ...

 Why does the cartilage in my nose *click* when I move it?

Additional Details
I have a small nose so I don't know about that! ;D...

 How much Iodine do we need to consume?

 Help I have a horrendous sunburn?
I got a horrible sunburn after only 4 hours at the beach..... It hurts so incredibly bad. When I bend over or pick something up, I can feel the blood rush to the surface of my skin and it feels like ...

 people who have ticklish feet?
i have a question about people who has ticklish feet if a person is ticklish on thier feet but theyu like going barefoot does it lower the ticklish ...

 Is it harmful to swallow mucus from a cough?
Like sometimes you can't spit it out when you're in public or there isn't a garbage can near by....

 kinda gross question ( about Diarrhea)?
ive been having that weird Diarrhea for the past 3 days
im really weak i went to school today at 8.ooAM but i came back at 11.00 cuz i was feeling so weka icould even walk on the stairs my legs ...

 WEIRD QUESTION: Do you ever Sneeze when you are extremely hungry?
I know this may sound weird, but all my life, when I wait too long to eat, if i get to the point where i am starving, I will feel suddenly very nauseaus and have at some points thrown up, but the ...

 Why am I awake.......?
At 3am on a school night....

 how to increase the size of my breast?
im 17 years old and i have a small breast thats really embarrasing so i dont want to do the implants and all...but is there any excersice or somethinh like that so that i can improve my size please ...

Meagan Foley
How do i make myself sick enough to go to the hospital?
Just tell me, idc about how I'm crazy and all that.
I have reasons.


Eatin&#39; Babies
Break a bone.

Um...drink some drain-o. Or overdose on tylenol or cough syrup or Triple Cs.

I think an overdose would be your best bet. Just don't go overboard.

munchausens disease? you need attention? if you go to a hosp, you risk sickness, pneumonia, MRSA, wrong meds/ infections/ etc.crazy? in what manner? bipolar, depressed? that's not crazy, Are you hearing/seeing things? schizophrenia or psychosis. All are treatable..are you insane, they have institutions for people that are and also for criminally insane, total isolation/forced meds,
easier to make an appt w your doc and let them determine if you need inpt care, less expensive and mental health care/insurance only pays for so many visits per year...good luck

I know how, eat poison, or do a "suicide" attempt, eat really bad food poisoning, or drink some dish cleaner, the whole bottle. Just one question, why do you need this info?

Vomit a lot.
Eat something ur allergic 2.
Pretend ur sick.
"Accidental" cut ur self real hard.

Hope that helped.


First of all u need to calm down. life is short, no matter hoe tough it can be sometimes its not worth it to deal with it throught physical pain.

Are you being abused at home .. and want a way out?

Just call the police... they will take you out of there with in minutes!

ok well u could break a leg..or stick your hand down your throat and say you have food poisining..

Corpse Smasher
Stand around some nuclear reactors...
Make a poisonous spider upset....
eat some old meat...
drink some tainted water...

*Any subject attempting these ideas cannot hold me responsible, the subject agrees that it is to his/her own will, and cannot blame me for their choice*

Achmed the Dead Terrorist
How about saving that spot in the hospital for someone who really needs it.

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