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Mr. Pizza Man
How can you tell if a person is on Crystal Meth?
do they make funny faces, do they have dirty hands, do they twitch a lot, sweat a lot, do they say they're going out for a smoke and come back 30 minutes later???
Additional Details
for mike_a:

“seriously", why would i ask?

Funny faces - Not likely
Dirty hands - Nothing to do with it
Twitch - Yes, but that could be a thousand other things as well
Swear - That could be any number of things
Long smoke breaks - Again, could be any number of things

If you are concerned, talk to their employer about sending this person for a drug test.

twitching ,sweating , cant sit down

Well, if they live in Colorado, they can usually be found preaching on Sundays, and paying gay men for massages on every other day of the week.

Linda Dunn
Faces of meth: http://www.drugfree.org/Portal/DrugIssue/MethResources/faces/index.html

I've been on it before...so...they lose alot of weight, get weird scabs and such on their face, black around their eyes, mean,...why can't you just ask them?

not so much dirty hands but all the other stuff is right.here is other ways to know: they are very tired, eyes are blood shot and if they have acne, there is a lot more than normal, but if they dont have acne, they all of a sudden get some.

Talk a lot - the eyes, always look at the eyes - sweating, possibly shaking ... dry lips, lips shaking - pursing lips together, not standing still -- acting "strange"

they have like sores all over and sometimes they even have these really deep gashes because they scratch themselves too hard. and they age really fast too.

Eyes remain diolated, they seem anxious and hurried. They tend to have body oder, bad breath, and can't stay focused.

Mike A
Why is it so important for you know what that person is interested in doing with their body and mind? Seriously

JesusZoidberg Saves
Take a look in their mouth:


Eyes remain diolated, they seem anxious

grinding teeth [ you can notice that they're keeping their jaws together when they speak a little.]
nervous or overly energetic behavior
unusual attention to details, like scrubbing the kitchen counter with a toothbrush or deciding to organize papers at 11 o'clock at night.
profuse sweating, even when it's cold
lots of trips to the bathroom.
lots of cigarette breaks.
inability to sleep
irrational anger or other emotional fits
[long-term] inability to stop picking at acne causes scarring, pock marks to the face, arms.

no the most common way to tell somebody is on meth is by how jumpy they are at small things. other ways include paranoia, dialated pupils, messed up teeth and gums, smoke alot of cigarettes, and they usaully can't sit still for 5 minutes

My next door neighbour takes it, she is very thin, would be maybe 30 and looks 50, her teeth are all rotten, she always has sores on her face and hands... nearly everyday I hear her going bonkers yelling and threatening her kids.......... its soooo sad.

Was that a serious q? If it was my father in law was on big time.
Look for:
Binges of staying up for days (depending on how much they are doing),
Crashing and sleeping for days (or just all day, again depends on how much they are doing.
Becomming violent
Overly happy
Very hyper/"wired"
Watch for them making jumps in convos - that nobody can follow. I.E. You are talking about how much you made from a paycheck to somone shooting a dear illegally in another state (personal, family experience of theirs)
Erratic mood swings. (being happy, and talking one min, and the next be yelling about $50 you think someone is ripping you off, then saying how they got the person they are talking to out of trouble when they shot that dear in wyoming, to flipping your 6 months pregnant daughter in law over a chair while she was trying to get her husband to leave, to holding a knife to your sons throat threatening to kill him) ****Yeah, it happens fast. I know because I was the pregnant woman being flipped over a chair. And the person my father in law was talking to was his son, my soon to be husband.
Having hundreds of dollars and then being broke in a few days.
Being anti-social
Swear a lot (you had that)
They can make funny faces ( depening on how they are doing )
Unable to shut up (jabber mouth)
Visit the restroom frequently
Sniff a lot ( if they sniffed it, not if they smoked it )
Look for mirrors, or other flat surfaces with the residue
Erratic behavior (saying brb and being gone hrs, wanting to work on everything, cheating, lying, stealing ect)
Grinding teeth
Loosing weight
Dirty hands is just gross, doesn't mean meth.

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