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 If I am feeling spacy/heady is there a way to treat that without medication or anything?
I get this sort of unreal feeling occasionaly, feeling spacy and out of it. Any tips?...

 does a lot of caffeine stun growth?
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 Do I have some sort of medical condition like depression?
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 how to Increase your height safley ? what are the thing or the food or the drinks that make you taller ?
i am :

on feb 25 i'll be 16

my hight is 178 cm

i am 80-85k/g
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ha......ha........ha ...... funny (Piyush Bagla ) ... >:...

 what do i do? i just circulated bug poison through the entire house.?
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 WHY wont my ears come UNPLUGGED?
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what should i do?
or what is going on?
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 Aloe Vera juice? Is it healthier to drink the juice or the gel?
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 Constantly getting ingrown hairs.?
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 is taking two Vicodin bad for your health?
okay i know someone that like took two 500mg Vicodin so is that like bad for them or what can it do to them?
Additional Details
they are 500mg so i know they have to be bad for you....

 how old do you have to be to get a medical marajuana card in los angeles california?
i have erm.... chronic back pain.....

 help with physical education?
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 whats bothering you right now?
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i have nothing to do
my room is a mess
my grandmother decided to ...

 going bed now nite nite?
sleep tight ...

 healthy and risky effects?
what are the healthy benefits and risky dangers of chewing gum?...

 I have a problem of...?
I used to start and .. urine and then it would start to hurt when I urine.
I don't get whats happening. Or what was happening. It went away but I just want to know what it was!!

 I am becoming balder day by day and getting shivers about that as still I am young.Can some one help me?

 When you go in a pool, why does your nose run?
My boyfriend mentioned this to me last summer. I live in Florida so we swim a lot. Either at beaches or pools. Or rivers. And my friend today asked me why that happens. What's it from?

How Much Benedryl Can I Take?
I weigh about 100 lb. I take Benadryl nearly every night to help me go to sleep. Tonight I took two[ 50 mg ], and after a couple of hours it has had no effect. Is it safe to take more, and if so how much more?

dfaisdfah df
You should ween off of the benadryl; you'll have trouble sleeping when you can't get it if you keep on taking more and more every night. Taking a 500mg dose is okay anyways so don't worry about overdosing or anything; it's just that that dose will make you high and ridiculously high at that; very uncomfortable.

Also, stop wasting money on benadryl and get generic brand ones which cost 10 times less and have 50mg in each pill already. Buying brand name medications is stupid. The active ingredient is called diphenhydramine hydrochloride. Just poke around your store, they've got to have generic brand sleep aids.

Anyways, back to using DPH for sleep: I've seen cases where people end up needing to take 200 even 300mg every single night to get to bed because they developed a tolerance and couldn't sleep without it. To a normal person, a dose of 300mg at once would make them not be able to walk or balance properly like they just had 15 drinks, and they'd start hallucinating. You see spiders and walls breathing and plants shaking their leaves at you and stuff, lots of fun. I'd hate to have to rely on DPH to help me sleep, you will just keep on needing more and more, so STOP using it ASAP. Talk to a doctor if you totally can't sleep without it, they might prescribe you something. You can also try taking melatonin, or just smoke weed instead :)

Just Me
if youre over 12: listen to the box. if youre under it, you should take a childrens one, if it wasnt childrens youve taken too much.

if youre a teenager:

i know some people who drowsy medicine is a reverse effect. like my friend, nyquil makes her hyper and keeps her up, dayquill makes her go to sleep

just pop 1 or 2 more up to 100mgs and relax but try not to go over 200 mgs
you just need to being in the sleep mode as in lay down and read ad relax 15 to 20 minutes before popping them. i use them every night i know! more is not better, its how you relax with them!

Jan H
What does the box say? It is the best guide for getting this type of information.

Erin C prettynpink
First off, Benadryl is not a sleep aid. If you are having trouble sleeping talk to you Doctor and have them prescribe you something for sleep. Benadryl has a mild sedative in it but don't abuse it. It can take a toll on you after while!

250mg at the most. It's not cool to mess with delierients.

25-50 mg every 4-6 hours is the max you can safely take.

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