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 Is eating food, cooked from a microwave oven, safe?
I just stumbled upon this article and it got me wondering:


If what they say in that article is true, why is this not common ...

 how long can you hold your pee?
I know that you can get a bladde rinfection, so don't commant about that, I was just wondering how long some of you cn put up to the challange, my personal record is 13 hours because I was at ...

 Which way to quit smoking is more successful? The nicotine patch or gum?
I don't plan on doing it cold turkey because I am in the process of getting of a medication so the less withdrawel effects the better....

 isn't it embarassing to have asthma attacks in public???

 Is memory loss a symptom of migraine?
I've been having this migraine cycle for the past few weeks... which was at its worst on Sunday and Monday...

Anyways... during this cycle... I've had a few incidents of not ...

 Do nail technicians really make over $1000/wk b/c they get paid under the table(not including tips)??
I'm interested in learning how to become a manicurist/nail technician. Someone told me their salary per wk is >$1000 b/c they dont pay taxes. and is it true that they get insurance from ...

 Hi,can u help?I have very bad constipation,nothing helps,need more ideas?

 When you work night shift, do you use night cream at night, or, during the day when you are asleep ?

 what happens????????????
what happends when u get high on mild ...

 Why does my wife keep passing out?
My wife passes out and I don't know why. It doesn't happen on a regular basis but it always comes when she is least expecting it. Tonight it happened again, except this time she told me ...

 Scars on my arms...covering them up/getting rid of them?
Um I haven't self harmed in 2(ish) weeks and I've still got light red marks on the inside of my left arm.
Its, like, pretty hot and my mum keeps asking me why the hell I'm ...

 Is it good luck if you see a gnat fly out of your belly button?

 If you could change all (or any part of) your body...........?
What would it be? Internal, External, Superficial, Real or Imaginary?
I've recently discovered that I've inherited crappy Arteries which could easily kill me without any warning ...

 A three year old boy in my neighborhood fell out of the second story window of his house...?
...he hit pavement, cracked his skull open and was airlifted to Dallas which is about three hours from where I live. Anyone have any idea what his chance of survival is? I know, these questions are ...

 Why are my eyes swollen after crying the night before?
If I cry at night, from say, 7pm on, the next morning, my eyes are swollen. Nothing will make the swelling go down either. I want to know why that happens and how it can be prevented (other than ...

 How can I stop myself from yawning?
I've tried clenching down my jaw, beathing in deeply through my mouth & swallowing but none of these have worked. I keep yawning all day & everytime I yawn my eyes tear up, so it looks ...

 A Villager's Fitness On The Run:Most of us seldom run.Do we run only to catch a bus or train?

 If you massage a girl 's feet that stink , will that cause your hands to stink ?
I know the question might come off as weird but just answer it with your opinion ....

 Is it common for pharmacists to have drug addictions?
i know a pharmacist who has erratic behavior and seems to have no conscience. I've wondered if they were using. Is there a way I can report them to get them checked out?...

 Should drug addiction/drug use be defined as a crime or disease?
I would like to know how people feel about this issue because I have a member of the family that is suffering. Thank Y...

Help! Why Am I Always Dropping Things From My Hands..I'm So Clumsy!?
I'm always dropping things from my hands..this happens almost everyday! I'll be holding something..then out of nowhere I drop it. My friend said that maybe my brain doesn't register that I'm holding something that's why I let go and drop it, lol..could that be true? Why am I and how do I become less clumsy! Pleeease help!

Kimi J
because ur soo clumsy lol maybe ur holding too many things at a time or ur friend might be right ur brain might not be able to control .....anyways

miss edward cullen
it helps if u play video games more often.

ur like BELLA from Twilight, she's clumsy. So am I. dont worry about it lol being clumsy just means you're not careful with everything, it's ok and I haven't heard of an illness of being clumsy. The way you can become less clumsy is by just being more careful: watch where you're going, hold whatever you're holding tightly so it won't fall out, stuff like that. Good luck!

Its because your a girl :) 99% of girls are clumsy
im the same way lol
i fall almost everyday

Elizabeth L
Don't listen to that one person who said you have a disease. Your just naturally clumsy just like I have naturally good balance. Just try to be more careful.

Go to doctor and get a physical; it maybe a nerve or muscle related disorder.

natalie( go panthers!!)
lol i think youre just weak or you need to eat more meat or go to sleep more earlyer

Vincent G
make your hands more sticky? haha only pick up glue O.o

I'm no expert but it sounds possible.
Maybe use moisturizers, and anywhere you go hold something important in your hand, like a cell phone. You'll get a good grip and won't let go. Maybe that'll help.

<3When in doubt dance it out
LOL. Butterfingers!

Maybe your friend is right but I highly doubt that. Some people just drop things for alot of reason. It is noting there is to do about it! You'll grow out of it . no worries

It happens to me too, my skin is actually clean and dry, so I don't get a good grip on things sometimes regardless how strong I am, so things just slip right out of my hands. Its like a car with a powerful engine and a smart driver, but bald-tires with no tread to grip the road--- it doesn't matter how strong and how good the control by the driver, the tires will spin or slip.
Use moisturizer or oil on your hands, or wear gloves and you 'll have a better grip

Talk to your doctor about Myotonic Dystrophy. It's a disease people get that effects their muscles and tendons. I think you might have it. Some people are carriers and others are givers. You need to see if this runs in your family.

Best of luck.


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