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 I Can't stop crying and i really don't no why? I'm 17 and i cry so easily. I just want it to stop?
It's been happening since i was little and can remember, if a simple thing like my dad or mum shouting would set me off crying for hours, it happens when i'm angry as well and i tend to ...

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 How much do you weigh?
Note: I'm not calling anyone fat.
Additional Details
I weigh 5 1/2 stone....

 17 hours asleep... what is wrong with me?
OK, so i have been sleeping a lot more than usual for a while now, but i've just been asleep for 17 hours, and I dont know what is wrong with me. I'm always tired, and I have had my B12 and ...

 is it possible to live until you are 200 years old?

 can i use my ten year old son's urine to pass a drug screen?

 A person weighs 290 pounds and the height is 5'9 inches. Is that considered overweight?

 when u breath y does you're stomach go out and in.?

 Is this still Self Injury?
I kind of cut myself but not enough to bleed, I also burn myself with hot water and I bite my hands allot. Lately I have been breaking skin a little but not much. Is this considered self harm?...

 Period Pains?
Does Any one know of any GOOOOd Period pain relief?
i get some really bad ones HELP
thank you ...

 How do I get rid of stretch marks?
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 My partner often has blood come out of his bottom when he goes for a poo...he refuses to see a doctor about it
He says it's just hemaroids (he thinks) & nothing to worry about, but he has it most times he goes to the toilet, sometimes it's a little blood & sometimes it is a LOT.
I don�...

 Can you have a headache if you don't eat for 24 hours?

 Middle Finger?
The distal joints in my middle fingers bend toward my ring fingers? Does anyone else have this?...

 Can you die from drinking bleach?
i just drunk bleach and now i feel quite ill, should i phone the hospital or?
Additional Details
it was a prank by my roommate, it hurts so much :(...

 If you drink alcohol and smoke weed how will you feel?

 Why do some people smoke so many cigarettes when then they know that it can give them lung cancer?
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 Pee pee question?
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 When I woke up this morning there were two leprechauns playing chess at the end of my bed?

 I'm scared....pls help?
I have been
doing a lot of research on Marfan Syndrome, and am so scared that i may have it. I am 5"9, which is very tall for a woman. I have very slim wrists and ankles, and a slim face. I...

just visiting
Have you ever broken bones in your body?
which ones, how many, did you heal right?
Additional Details
besides fingers and toesfrom being a clod, I am pretty sure I broke my ankle while running for the school bus, it hurt very badly for a long time, I was too embarrased to tell anyone, so I never went to the doctor, It healed up eventualy, but I still have a weird walk after 30 years.

Hula Girl
Yes, I broke my elbow. Believe it or not, that is actually possible. It did heal right but it took about a month of physical therapy before I could move it normally again. Its the only bone I've ever broken and I'd like to say it was because I was doing something cool like sky diving...but really I just tripped over my own feet and fell on a hardwood floor. OUCH!

i have broken my..toe from BMX freestyle doing some 360 ,,i broke my ankle a th times playing basket ball ,i broke my arm doing back flip..they heal fine alright..but when its cold it still aches

my nose, playing football hit my face off of the back of someones head, had surgery, healed fine

yes two in my hand and three in my foot if it has to be set then get it done if not then it will heal just fine

Blunt Honesty
wrist.. healed fine.
bone in my hand, rebroke while healing. now my index finger is shorter than the other

Ankle along with injured tendons. The bones healed very well, but after many years, some problems with tendonitis.

I broke my small finger on my right hand, but I didn't realize it was broken. I just thought I hurt it badly (I was only 9). It did not heal correctly and my finger is a little misshapen.

No, thankfully. I know it's because I've drank 8oz of milk almost every single day since I was a child. Of course when I was sick I couldn't. I've sprained both my wrists & my right foot several times since I was 5. So far, my son who's 9 hasn't broken any bones. He's a milkaholic like me, thankfully.

One, collarbone.. did not heal correctly.

I have been very lucky and have never broken a bone.

I've broken the bone in my forearm once. It healed well.

When I was 17 years old, I broke my leg skiing. It hurt really bad, but nothing hurt as much, as when the doctor took off the cast, 8 weeks later. It hurt 100 times more, getting the cast off, than it did, breaking my leg. Now, more than 10 years later, my leg is fine, and it has been, since a few weeks, after the cast came off.

The second meta tarsal of my right hand - I broke it twice - Once when I was bowling (cricket) I slipped and fell, I brought my right hand down to break the fall, and managed to break this bone. This has just healed, and after a week or so, i was cycling when the brakes wire snapped and wham, I hit another cyclist and broke the same bone at the same place again.

The second time, I rid to kick start a bike (Yezdi, a bike made in India) and the back kick from the bike broke my right big toe.

In both cases I healed right, but during extreme cold, I do feel a dull pain in the broken, no healed bones.

Incidentally the last fracture (big toe) was about 28 ears ago, and the right met-tarsal about 30 years ago.


well, i was told that my hip bone has totally disintegrated, and broken apart, which explains my pain i guess, just wondering what my leg is attached too??? ya know hip bone connected to the leg bone???????????? oh geeeeee. oh by the way this is no joke, very true. Do have a hard time walking tho. i just think the hip bone connected to the leg bone is funny, whatever,lolol

I broke my little toe a couple of times, but that's it (knocking on wood) I guess it healed alright, never went to the doctor or anything....not much you can do for a broken toe. It's not like they put a tiny cast on there, and I'm not paying the outrageous amount they would charge for it if they did.

I have. I have broken both my ankles and both my wrist at the same time. It never healed right like i cant jump or run alot or i could fracture them. i was in a wheel chair for a while. I am telling the truth some people think I am lieing. but i am not and get this I am only 13 and love basketball and now i cant play without 2 wrist gaurds and 2 ankle gaurds with 2 meatel rod down both sides. sorry this is so long.

no not yet...

Toes, wrist, and foot. They all healed well except for the foot. I couldn't stay off of it the way I should have at the time.

Yes tibia and fibia. Surgeon done a great job, can't even tell it.

Ms Fortune
no ... none.... on my body.....lol...

MTSU history student

No, but I've had surgeries before.

left wrist coming home from school at 7 yrs old on a swin bike red
left wrist going to school at 14yrs old on a sin bike 10speed green

YES both legs and shoulder, yes they were replaced with titaumium metal. How did it happien, I fought for our country usa I flew a
f-14s a jet to you . My right wing was of my jet was hit, and my parachute didn't open until 200ft and I didn't land soft, I bounced, thanks to a cross wind.

No bones. Just my back is messed up.

Yes. the good news is that you will heal if you follow your doctors instructions and restrictions.
youll be well in no time, good luck.

Yes both legs, skull, right thumb. I lost my legs due to gangarene

I think i must be the only woman to have broken 3 ankles! Yes i broke same ankle twice, broke a foot, collarbone, lower part of my back and two ribs! (Car crash once and falls twice)

Did they heal right? Well i'm just starting on a course of antiinflamatory because i now have arthritis from teh base of my back down so ... If they did heal eventually ... I now pay the price!

chi bebe
Both my wrists - I didn't get one of the wrists put into a cast because I couldn't afford it.

Want to know the funniest thing? The one that I didn't have put into a cast healed perfectly fine. The one I DID have put into a cast healed oddly and now pretrudes a little and is crooked. I also have arthritis in that wrist now. Yeah - thanks doc - next time I'll let God take care of it ;)

I've also had cracked ribs but they healed on their own and they're fine now.

That's all for the bones - but I lost my pinky finger in the door once...but they sewed it back on just fine and you can hardly tell - but I guess I'll save that for a "severed appendage" question ;)

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