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Has your stomach ever "grumbled" while you were in class? Why does it do that?
It's so embarrassing and I find that it only happens when I'm really nervous and haven't eaten all day. And it only happens when I'm in class or at a library when its really quiet, whereas if I'm at home or in the car it never happens. I just want to know if it happens to anyone else and why it does that? Im starting to think its genetic, because my mom's had that problem too, and I've inherited a lot of other prob.s from her before.
Additional Details
But sometimes I do eat a meal and an hour later I'm at class, and it will do that.

Lilly S
Well don't blame your Mom! Aside from the fact that she caused you to be human, it isn't her fault!

All people have this happen if they don't eat properly. Just means you are hungry.

I'm sorry but its not freakin generic everyones stomach does it. And it only happens when your out probably because your walking around more and that speeds up the digestive track which is making it grumble.

Not meant to offend but DUH are you retarded? It's obvious your stomach is going to grumble when you havent eaten all day.

And yes it happens to me too, it is embarassing DX

ummm. it happens because you haven't eaten all day... if you eat something of even drink some water or chew some gum I found that the grumbling stops. Yeah it is embrassing lol.

It is not because you are hungry, at least, you don't feel like it! Actually, it is your brain, it has nothing to do with your stomach! Your brain senses that you need food. It sends 'messages' through your nervous system, (The system with your nerves) to your stomach. Then your stomach makes those sounds to tell you that you need to eat food! So, your brain uses your nerves to tell your stomach that you need food in your body! Pretty neat, isn't it? And yes, my stomach grumbles in class whenever I skip lunch or breakfast!

Its because your hungry, It happens to me all the time, especially if i skip lunch :) and nothings wrong with you, your completely normal:)

bobby d
Mabye your hungry or you need to take a crap lol.

You say it only happens when you don't eat all day and your nervous. You say you only hear it happen in class. Maybe it happens in your car or other places, but your just unable to hear it. Maybe your radio was up to loud, maybe you can only notice it class because it is calm and quiet.

viva la 3P1K
It is embarrassing.
It always happens when I'm taking a test or quiz.
But choking on your own spit in class is even more embarrassing.

Angela N
yeah it grumbles somtimes :S and it REALLY embarrasing i sorta try to not think its me, so yeah. but it just means your hungry, eat your breakfast! :)

i don't know why but i gust say it was the kid next to me
it all was works

Alena <3 wolves
YES! i hate it. It means your stomach is empty and it needs more food. so in the words of chowder
" i have a need to feed!"
just so you know chowder is a cartoon

you're hungry

Eat eat eat a lot...........this happen because your stomach needs food to dissolve.and if that don't have it ,it will start to eat it's self.and a grumbling sound will occur.

Happens to me all the time, especially when I don't eat breakfast. I don't know why but it only seems to happen when its totally quiet. Your stomach must be starving for attention. LOL

your stomache grumbles either when ur hungry, or when its digesting food. u only really notice it in class and stuff probly cause its quiet. maybe u should start eating.

That has happened to me many times. I don't really know why it does that other than your hungry. It is so annoying.

Happens to me too. It happens because your stomach muscles move and find an empty space or something scientific like that. All I know is it can only grumble when it's dead silent around me.

There could be a number of factors including your diet. It's not always hunger that will make your stomach rumble/growl - your stomach constantly makes noise while digesting but some foods dull the noise so you can't hear it.

If it is painful or anything see your doctor, as with all things in the body it COULD signal a digestive problem but I have the same thing and my doctor hasn't been able to diagnose a problem.

Make sure you are eating healthy food and you are taking in lots of fibre and drinking plenty of water--see if that changes your stomach behavious before consulting your doctor.

Nyoy Bulate
usually it means your hungry. ^,..,^

Jessie K
You probably have to fart, so do.

Yeah it happens to me all the time.Your stomach grumbles because you're hungry

Addy L
omg that al2ways happends to me it's so embaressing nd everyone stares at u! it's just because your hungry and you notice it more because its public

your stomach 'grumbles' or makes that noise because the acids in your stomach are empty, and aren't having to break anything down. because of this, the acids and fluids are swishing around your stomach, causing the grumbling :]]

yes, my stomach has grumbled an embarrassing number of times! but it's because you're hungry. it's your stomach's way of telling you that it's hungry.

It happens to almost everyone when you're really hungry. People think it's embarrassing, but when it happens to me I think it's funny! :)

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