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Mommy to be with baby #1! <3
HELP! is it dangerous to sleep with..
..is it dangerous to sleep with a knee brace. i dislocated my kneecap yesterday. and wanted to know if anything can happen like bruising or any more swelling etc..

thanks to all in advance.
Additional Details
i want to know if its dangerous to sleep with a knee brace ON! not if its dangerous to sleep period

Danny C
im pretty sure its only dangerous if you knee brace attacks you with a knife. otherwise go frack yourself

Short answer: You can sleep with it on.

Long answer: You can sleep with most any brace on. Many people do. With a newly subluxing/dislocation patella I can see why you would want to. Where you might get in to problems is the type of brace you are using. The biggest thing you have to worry about is if the brace prevents you from bending or extending the leg all the way. If you keep the brace on all the time you may have difficulty fully bending or straightening it later. If the doctor wants to prevent those motions he may give you a brace to wear all the time that does just that. ...depends on your injury and doctor. Talk to your doctor to be sure what he/she wants.

Its safe but do not move alot. depends on ur sleeping

Not realy jus that dont tightn it on becase a few years ago i dislocated mine tooo jus put ice on your knee and put the knee brace over it slightly tight but not toooooo tight.... hope u feel better!!!!!

i dont think its dangerous
just dont hurt yourself
like: try not to move too

p.s. get well soon:)

Mostly Mac
No, please don't sleep with your knee brace on! It isn't necessary because your knee isn't moving. Even though it may hurt don't wear it to bed because your knee needs to breathe and be uncovered from the brace.

Tator - Tot
No you can sleep with it on. Just like you can sleep with a cast on. duhh

lab girl
It is not dangerous to sleep with your knee brace on.. It would provide a level of support as long as you are not leaving it on 24/7. You need to ice the knee as much as possible, as well as keeping is stablized!

Simon S
not at all - if it gives relief go for it. Neoprene braces will cause a rash use some powder and try putting pillows around the knee help immobilize

You would want to call your doctor to ask what can be done about it. If he advises you to keep the knee brace on, ask what's advisable to keep yourself comfortable while sleeping.

its ok. x

Dawn M
no its fine, just make sure that it isnt to tight where it can cut off your circulation

you would want to sleep with it ON, due to the fact that if you sleep with the brace off, you could put yourself at higher risk to potentially cause more harm as the brace will keep it in place and you keeping it off may cause more movement which can lead to increased strain on your knee, feel better!

no. it's fine. just take it easy.

On Strike
i don't think it'd hurt you, but ask your doctor

Paige S
Dont worry about it!! i had a knee brace durin the winter for 3 months and i slpet with it. B/c if i didnt i roll around alot i wont twist my knee really fast and it would hurt like crazy!! better to be safe then sorry! adn it wont casue burising or swelling!! TRy putting a pillow under it helps make it more comfortable!

yes it can be dangerous to sleep with a knee brace but that is common to happen, sleep on your stomach or your back and try not to toss or turn while sleeping and that should help with the pain

hmm... sleep on your back or on the other side of your body.it can be if your laying on it

hey hey hey
it should be fine to sleep with it on

Sleep on your back and keep your leg elevated. Try putting a couple pillows underneath it to give support. You should be fine.
good luck!

The best thing to do in this case, is ask the physician who put the brace on or recommended it. They should already have told you that before you left the clinic or hospital. Do that before you go to sleep. If it can't wait until the morning, then go ahead and sleep with it tonight and consult your doc first thing Monday morning.

It is perfectly fine to sleep with a knee brace on depending on the type of brace it is that you use. If you have a brace that goes from your upper leg to the ankle it gives more stability due to having rigid bars woven into the brace itself this is called a knee immobilizer.If you have a knee brace that covers just above the kneecap and just below the kneecap that is fine also Less support than the other, but just know that any brace is better than no brace at all.

There are some inexpensive "night braces" you can buy at CVS or walgreens... they are specially made so that you can sleep comfortably.

Not that i know of

Miss Blue Eyes
noooo, just make sure it is not too tight && sleep on your back


King Johnson
No It's not, as long as u don't hit it while ur foot's in it

Ash Marie
If it's an elastic, tight one, it may cut off your circulation a bit, so it's best to take it off when you're completely inactive. If it's a plastic one, it will just be uncomfortable.

tj l
i dont really think it is dangerous but i would approve with the doctor.

Kelsey T
i have a remedy for that my aunt used to give me a tea with a little of teriyaki sauce and it works

I dislocated my knee cap once, and had to wear a knee brace (the velcrow kind?), I slept with it, and it was fine. Just sleep on your back and don't move the leg (at least try not to).

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