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Do people really wake up feeling refreshed in the morning or is that just a load of bull?
No matter how much sleep I get, I don't want to get up and I feel like crap.

Mopar Muscle Gal
sounds like you have depression issues

My bet is that you're (mostly) staying asleep, so it might be sleep apnea (where you stop breathing). A sign of this is that you snore.

Um yeah, take a couple of hydrocodones and sleep for 12 hours.
I am the same way, I have the strangest sleeping pattern ever, okay heres my sleeping pattern: at about 3pm, wake up, do what I gotta do, by 7pm im back in bed till about 12am, then I wake up, party till about 7am, then its back to bed till someone calls me, then i wake up, talk to them, then back to sleep (my phone rings at least once a hour while im sleeping, or at least trying to) then finally ill wake up around 3pm, go to the bathroom, go back to bed sleep till 5pm, wake up eat and what not, then back to bed at 7pm, then sleep till 12am....get the point, its a neverending viscious cycle, WHEN WILL IT END!!!!!????!?!?!??!

Bulk O
Well like the other person said everyone is different, but you should also be aware of the fact that too much sleep is just as bad as too little. I also find that waking up naturally to the light of day is much better then trying to be awaken up by something like an alarm. If possible try this on a weekend. Time going to sleep so that 7-8 hours will be when the sun will peak into your window, leave the shade down. Hopefully when the you wake up, get up. It will be tempting to stay in bed, don't. Repeat, setup a habit, and hopefully it that will get your body adjusted to the idea.

P.S. Especially to the person with "strange sleeping pattern" You can mess up your sleeping by not following a natural pattern. You probably got into that habit because you wanted to party, but now you pay the price. The body will try to adjust to what you give it, but it will come at the price that you are only sleeping out of exhaustion, and waking up too soon. You need to form a better habit. (This is from a person that has had very wacky sleep patterns from time to time.)

I woke up feeling great this morning.

everybody is different

Laurence W
Sounds like you have not had enough sleep for a long time, and may not have good nutrition. Exercise makes a difference, too.

Treat our body badly, and it seems to be able to get back at us.

I always feel good when I get up.

question masters
i wake up happy and refreshed

.: The Girl Next Door:.
I don't wake up feeling refreshed even if I've slept 12 hours.
A'll always feel tired and weird for the first few minutes.

I'm with you.
I always think if I go to bed early and get more sleep I'll feel great when I wake up and I'm always wrong. I always hit the snooze a bunch of times and then STILL have trouble getting up. And when I do get up, I feel cranky and groggy.

i have found that a regular schedule and some ginger and lime or ginger and orange body lotion or body spritz helps.

i have made my days pretty routine and try to stick close to it on the weekends.

i get up about 5:30/6:00am and go to bed about 10:00/11:00pm. weekends i might sleep in til about 7 or 8.

if i get enough sleep, then i feel refreshed and if i need a little pick me up, then i get up and put a little lotion on my hands and rub it on my temples and my hands and it helps energize me.

bath and body sells a ginger and orange lotion and spritz, but i enjoy giner and lime and i make my own spritz with ginger and lime essential oils.

take care:)

Lord L
Stop smoking, drinking, coffee, and eat a healthy diet. You will wake up much better.

Depression issues? I dont think so. I agree that everyone is different. I dont always wake up refreshed in the morning. It's got a lot to do with how you sleep... deeply, lightly etc and whether your relaxed when you go to bed at night. Try having a "wind down" period of about an hour before you try to go to sleep (I personally listen to chilled music, with candles and incense, but the choice is yours). Oh and keep a window open so that air can circulate

Senator D*L*P™
I always wake up with high blood sugars in the morning. Always, i can't seem to keep them at a reasonable level, even if they are good when I go to bed. Also, I get up 5 days a week to go to high school....senioitis, a year before I graduate.

same here i think bodies are unique and they all react to sleep differently some people can sleep 3 hours and wake up fine and some people can sleep 9 and have trouble shaking off the sleep and still be tired.

i know what you mean, i wake up and wish i could go back to sleep and sleep till like 1 or 2. i seem to never have enough sleep. im anemic maybe that has something to do with it

Bark at the Moon
Its a load of bull just to made us normal people feel even worse. I hate morning ppl!

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