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 I want to get nice rectangular non prescribed glasses?
in a store.
I just like glasses for some reason.
all of the ones i see in the store make my vision really blurry.
Additional Details
like the ones used in plays?...

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 Why Does everyone think that weed is wrong?
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 My girlfriend and I smoke a lot of marijuana please help?
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 What food can you eat with a sore throat ?
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Swallowing hurts so much therefore i havent ate anything yet.
Everyones suggesting soup ...

Step up your Game
Could someone stay alive on life support forever?
Let's say I preempt it and go in now when I'm a healthy 30-something. Just get on all life support machines and with a crack medical staff. Could I live forever? (Maybe not with brain function, but I question that is working anyway).
Additional Details
Just so everyone knows: I don't want this, I wouldn't do it if I could. But just asking.


lol kid
Not very likely. Your body would eventually die some how.

Maybe for longer but we all die. brain death would happen anyway just getting old and dying of liver failure, cancer, etc....

yes they can keep your body going forever.
or until your money runs out.

Joseph the Second
Doubt it. One by one Our organs would fail- & our entire "life support system" would Collapse.

No, you still age so something will kill you

you cannot stop the aging process, and unless your carers give you physiotherapy, your body will deteriorate faster than during normal living. Another point to consider - who will pay for your 24/7 care and feeding, washing, exercising, etc?

Why would you want to be on life Support if nothing is wrong with you. I don't understand your question. Do you want to be on life support just to see how long you can live or are you wondering about it in case you become ill and need it. Most people on life support are on long enough to recover from a serious life threatening problem. If there is no hope of recovery, then one needs to have a proxy stating their wishes about life support. It is a hard question to answer, but unfortunately one we all need to think about before it happens to us.

No. Artificial respirators (aka: ventilators) cause damage to the respiratory system, because they are designed to force air into the lungs. Having a machine breathe for you doesn't make you immune to staph or other bacterial infections, extremely common in hospital settings. Eventually, you'll begin to have bronchospasms, and when nebulizer treatments stop working to calm bronchospasms, you'll die when a bronchospasms prevents air from the ventilator from reaching your lungs.

Even if a ventilator could keep your body alive, you couldn't live forever. Your organs would eventually fail, and you can't live without most of them.

Since you can't eat when you're on a ventilator, you'd have to have surgery so you could have a tube coming out of your stomach, where a nurse could dump in your formula meals. The anesthesia from surgery could kill you, no matter how healthy you are. You'd also need surgery to have a tracheostomy, since you couldn't be ventilated with a tube shoved down your throat forever. Again, surgery could kill you. Then, at some point, you'd need surgery to have a Broviac catheter or an Arterial line inserted, to make it easier for that crack medical staff to draw your blood every 4 to 8 hours to have a lab calculate your blood gases, so they'd know how to adjust the settings on the ventilator (so as not to kill you with the wrong settings.) After awhile, you'd probably be looking a little pale, having given all that blood for labs, at which time they'd give you a pint of someone else's blood just to perk you up. After about 10 pints of other people's blood, chances are you'd get a bad match, and end up with hemolytic anemia, which will kill you in 2 weeks.

Brain function ... the fact that you asked this question persuades me that you might not be working with a full deck right now ... LOL

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