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 Who knows where I can find free adult diaper samples?
I'm a 22 year old male and incontinent. I need to find a website that provides free samples besides hdis. I've tried their site and it is a little challenging to nav through. Please help....

 What will make me feel good again?
I have had trouble with being overweight and depression for a while now. I am just so sick of getting out of bed hurting and feeling my own weight. Weight loss is so slow, and I just feel like I...

 hey is 12:00pm to 9:30am enough hrs sleep for a 18yr old?
hiya was wondering is going to bed at 12:00pm and getting up at 9:20am okay for a 18 yr old and enough sleep and is the time ok?
Additional Details
sorry ment to say getting up at 9:30 ...

 I need help with my stomach problem.?
I don't know why my stomach is always growling, I've seen many doctors and I've taken different kinds of medicines, but nothing really works....My problem started when i was in Middle S...

 Could this be shingles/chickenpox?
I'm going to the doctor in the morning just looking for some insight. I have a rash on my fingers and arm that looks like little bubbles and now im getting very bad pain on my skin on my back. M...

 I know why my ears are hot, but how do I stop that?

 How long does weed/alcohol stay in your system?

If your 15 and 105 pounds.
Additional Details
Dont worry guys, my parents taught me better than that =]. I was just curious....

 What is the best way to get rid of fever blisters?
I have a fever blister, and its been there for two days and the swelling has went down a little, but its still very painful and its bursted open in several places... Does anyone have any suggestions?...

 why do i have diarrhea this long?
ok, it is now Sunday night. on thursday evening, i started getting diarrhea, alot, i had stomach pains and after i went they went away until i had to go again. the i stayed home from school on ...

 I think I have the "Sixth Sense".. Please help me!?
I think I have the "SIXTH SENSE", I see ghosts everywhere and it's really starting to get to me. What should I do?...

 Neck cracks all the timee?!?
Every single time i rotate my neck around in a circle,
my neck cracks, & i mean EVERYTIME, like when i
lean my head back.
& also, when i push my shoulders back, they crack <...

 Bad stuff about alcohol?
What are all the dangerous chemicals found in alcohol?
What kinds of diseases are caused from alcohol usage?...

 Why do his legs hurt when he stays up really late?
My friend's legs always hurt when he stays up late.

 Where did this come from? ?
There is a vein popping out on the right side of my forehead; it's right on the border of my hairline, but it's somewhat noticeable. It just randomly appeared, and this has never happened ...

 How To Read My Herpes Test Result?
I have an itchy, painful, pimple or blister under my nose which was filled with yellow stuff (I believe pus-filled).

My doctor ordered a blood test for herpes. I requested the blood test ...

 Why do I always get headrush?
I get it literally everytime I stand up, I've tried to stand up slower but I just seem to always get it and I have to hold onto something otherwise I just sway. I used to always get it but in ...

 Is their a web site where i can find out what ilness I have?
Need help please!!!...

 What happened to me today?
Today i went for a bike ride for about ten minutes in the sun.
I had put sun screen on and i drank about 750ml of water while i was riding.
I stopped at my friends house and had a glass of ...

 Can you get your tonsils removed for no reason?
Please i would like to know. It is very painful to remove as an adult so should start early. PLEASE don't tell me that its not infected so don't bother. Will anything bad happen if you will ...

 SOCIAL SMOKER???????????????????
i've started smoking when im with my girls, sometimes
like a couple times a month

but i don't smoke with my girls i see everyday, cuz that would just be SMOKER!!!!!!!!!!!

Nirvana Veggie balls
Child cravings...good or bad?
heard that usually what we crave 4 is usally our body telling us what we need, just look at picky children, I mean healthy picky children, usually wanting sweet means a lack of vitamin, they r never overweight and r very healthy, cause they eat what there body feels like, I've seen many picky childrens that have more energy then usuall children, usually parents force their kids 2 eat, what usually kills the body's instinct, and that is why that dies at adulthood, healthy people stop eating before they r full.

im a teenager now but i remember when i was little i used to crave candy n sugar(real sugar) n i was still slender n my parents made me eat real food like spaghetti with meat balls n sauce n now i cant stand spaghetti n meat balls but i still crave for sugary treats so in reality my habits havent died out yet its basicly the opposite of what you said

bad they are starting early. they need to prepare them for older age.

They're not craving candy, they just want it because they think it tastes good. That would like, mean pica is good. Eating dirt and flour and such. Its for iron. There are probably better ways to get it.

I am pretty sure there is a difference between craving and wanting.

Shawn K
good, because i'm craving some pizza and a fruit roll-up!
edit, just kidding, but really though, I'd say it's bad because sometimes, you gotta make do with what you have.

It depends on how you answer those cravings. Sweet could be orange juice for vitamin C not candy. No what I mean?

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