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Dmytro G
Can you have a headache if you don't eat for 24 hours?

yes, but it's not because your body needs food as other members mention......it's because your body has a food habit.
I drink 3-4 large cups of coffe every day. When I decide to take a break and quit drinking it for some time, I get strong headaches.

Definitely. That is my first sign that I need to eat. They are called hunger headaches.

yes, if i don't eat for like, 8 hours i get a headache.


Of course.
your body needs food throughout the day to keep moving or else you will start to feel faint, loose energy and get headaches.

I dont know about that but i do know that if you dont eat your body will eat its fat, and you will gett hungary. And you will also feel hottness running threw your body.

you will have high blood pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!you might die if your under 10 or 13 you might die man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eat lots of food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you retarded

some guy
I would think that could be possible depending on the individual.

yes its actally you're body giving you a memorable sign to do somthing that you havent done recently that you always do in this case it is digest food

Definitely. Not eating for that long is not good for you.

yes its unhealthy no not eat.

if i don't eat, i get headaches.

Little L
Yeah, I used to get those when I'd try to "lose weight". Since then I've smartened up a bit and realized that the only good way to lose weight is by eating right and exercising.

Take some midol. Believe it or not, that stuff works better (for me at least) than all that other stuff!

Good luck!

Meghan N

heck yea

Hell yes. Why would you even do that??

i don't know if i get headache if i don't eat for 24 hrs
but i get headaches when i'm hungry


Yes, your body needs food.


short cake
I would say a most definite yes. I sometimes get headaches for waiting like 5 hours to eat.

yesss! your body needs fuel to function!

Yeah, probably. You could have a stomachache and your stomach supposedly starts eating you in the inside. OK, maybe just the usual stuff, starving, and such.

Yvonne M
Yes you can get a headache if you don't eat...

Yes and if you intend to eat a lot during other days, then yes


jennifer s
Of course! Most headaches are caused from dehydration as it is. Now you are robbing your body of needed nutrients. EAT!

Elwood B
YES low blood sugar will do that every time!

Shelly G
Of course. Your body needs food. I have problems eating. If I dont eat for over 12 hours I have headaches. Is eating a problem for you? If it is get help. Or at least make a good effort to eat something small. This will at least help with the headaches. Small eating is the way to go . It help you loose weight as well as regulate your body. Take good care. Okay??????????

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