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Can you fail a hair drug test from being around sombody that is smoking pot?


See also : http://studenthealth.oregonstate.edu/answerspot/message.php?message=199


♥ღ.Queenie McCain .ღ♥
no, unless it was massive amounts!

Hair drug tests measure changes to the hair follicle caused by what chemicals have been ingested into your body.

They can tell when you did the drugs by measuring the distance up the follicle at which the drugs were found.

Q Dizzzle
i realy dont know but my mom is a cosmatologists and she says that when shes cold her relaxer doesnt process so im thinkiing that this is something like your problem if the pot smoke is getting to your hair it may stop your hair product from processing


nope sir-E.......duh!!

yes the resadue can get on your hair follicles if you are around them when they are smoking

, no, not at all. If you fail is because you've been smoking it.

Brooke A
first off y do u want to know???
r u doing the drugs or you friend??
i dont think you can, you might be able to but not unless you put it in your hair.btw htats y Brittany shaved her hair

Tina talks alot
no, because you're not inhaling as much smoke as the other person.

It depends on the quantity of pot in the air and how ventilated the room is. If you are getting high from "blow by" (i.e. second-hand) than it is getting into your system. If you are around it on a continuous bases than it can be detected. The percentage will not be great but it will be present.

yes if you taking shotties up the nose

logan c
my suggestion is no, but to be on the safe side get away from that person, they are not your friend if they smoke pot around you

Only if you inhale it.......

Sherrie L
no it has to be ingested into your body to grow out into the hair follicle

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