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Princess Ninja
Can secondhand smoke make you sick?
My new hubby smokes, as does our roommates and pretty much everyone in the Army. Well, it seems that way anyway. I don't smoke, but I do have to spend a lot of time around it, more than I'm used to.

I got this tickle in my lungs and I can't quit coughing or breathe deeply, and I'm pretty nauseated and want to throw up. If it's just problems with the smoke, then I don't want to go to the doctor cause there's nothing they can do, but I feel like crap.

I know little kids that are around secondhand smoke don't stay sick, so I don't know how really sick it can make you.
Additional Details
Fishlake, what about the unfiltered smoke that burns off the ends of cigarettes? That stuff smells worse than what they exhale.

~ Simone ~
YES second hand smoke can definitly make you sick, it's just as bad, if not worse, than actually smoking. All the chemicals including arsenic, acetone, tar and all the rest is still drawn into the lungs when you breathe. If you've seen all the quit smoking adds then you are probably aware of what smoking can do to the body. Yes, second hand smoke is deadly and can give every cancer in the body. Id stay away from smokers when they're smoking.

Actually second hand smoke can make a nonsmoker very sick. That is why most places have started to ban smoking. You can no longer smoke in bars as well as in most businesses. Second hand smoke has been proven to bring on a lot of illnesses such as asthma and
allergies, it can leave you with flu like symptoms and so much more and cause all kinds of breathing conditions. You should actually go to the doctor and get your self checked out it might be something serious you may actually have pneumonia. If this is due to the second hand smoke just to say the heck with it won't make you better, you will actually end up even sicker. No one on this site can tell you what's wrong you need to go see a doctor

2nd hand smoke can make you very sick...can cause chronic lung infections, bronchitis, sore throats, asthma, heart disease, cancer. 2nd hand smoke is actually worse than smoking yourself.

of course it makes you sick. secondhand smoke is just as bad as smoking yourself. it gives you the same affect as smoking. you might need to check with the doctor to make sure you dont have cancer.

yes second hand smoke can make you sick. have you considered being checked for having asthma. i have asthma and i know i cant get anywhere close to secondhand smoke or i have the symptoms you do.

Yes it can make you sick. But besides that it is pretty much as bad as smoking.

yeah it can give YOU cancer

It can make you sick feeling, but it is just propaganda that it causes problems like cancer. Consider the source for most of these answers you've received. Your lungs retain some of the toxins everytime you inhale a cigarette, so how can secondhand smoke be more dangerous? Does it have MORE bad stuff in it after you exhale? Of course not.
Developing lungs in babies or young children can develop into problems later on, but no more than breathing secondhand car exhaust every time you are around cars, burn dinner on the stove, or your neighbor burns his leaf pile.

To use the reasoning of some of the above answers, you should start smoking because it's safer to inhale firsthand smoke.

It is a nasty habit, insist that a window be opened, or ask the smokers to step outside [including your hubby].

MrS. NiChoLaS JeRRy JoNaS
yes if ur around it enough then u can actually die. its happend 2 ppl b4

yea it can cause lung cancer too because you might as well be smoking it i would go see a doctor right away

Deeply Lived
yeah its worst then smoking

secondhand smoke is just as bad as smoking a cigarette. when you smoke, you are risking the lives of everyone around you.. it's pretty deep to think about.. you should consider convincing them to quit, or at least do it outside.. they may want to risk thier own lives with cigarettes, but that doesn't mean that you should be involved.

Yoda's Duck

There's a reason the Surgeon General requires a warning be printed on every box and carton of cigarettes.

"First-hand" smoke is what the smoker inhales. Most cigarettes filter this smoke for the smoker. Unfortunately, second hand smoke isn't filtered, and is therefore even worse for a person.

Yes, your body will adjust to the pollution, but it will continue to damage your body.

i dont use this account anymore
it can have almost the same effect on you

It's at least just as bad as 'firsthand' smoke


It can give you cancer just as easily. I'm seriously allergic to tobacco smoke.

¿why ~N~ me?
just because its "second" hand smoke doesn't mean it cant hurt you... basically to much or anything can kill a person.

The angels have the Bellevue.
The science is crystal clear, as is your personal experience, and mine, and hundreds of thousands of other people -- second hand smoke is dangerous to your health.

Since you've just moved into this situation, now is the time to start negotiating practices that will reduce your overall exposure. If your husband is willing to only smoke outside, that would help tremendously. Especially if you're planning on having children eventually; given today's society, you can't protect them from all toxins, but this is one that you do have a fair degree of control over.

People who smoke, or are around second-hand smoke, need more vitamin C because it's used up in detoxing the some of its components. If you're not supplementing vitamin C already, it would probably be a good idea to do so.

Feel free to write to me if you want more information.

Stephanie S
yes, it can make you sick if you're not used to it...it can also give you cancer faster then an actual smoker.

Ms Stevie
Yes. And if you are not used to it, it can make you nauseated. (rule out pregnancy too) And when you add a baby Prince(ss) to the mix, you'll have to deal with your maternal protective instincts to shelter him/her from harmful affects.


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