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Can I have surgery if I have an infection?
I'm scheduled to have surgery in a couple days, but have a mild sinus infection now that seems to be getting worse. Should I call my surgeon and tell him? Will this cause the operation to be postponed? I'd like to get it over with, but an operation while I have an infection doesn't sound like a good idea.

I asked this in the Medicine category but it apparently didn't post.

Yes and then you will die.

i dont think so- put some bactine or neospron on it

Plus Size Angel
Yes, I think you should call and tell.

Brown Sugar
call the surgeon and ask him what he thinks. it could impair your ability to breathe during the operation

yes, call the surgeon. most operations cant not be done if a person has an infection. you have to be healthy for the week leading up to your surgery. call the surgeon and let him know...many places will charge you a fine if you dont give them 24 hours notice.

Ambivalent LAUreate
It all depends on what sort of surgery - obviously, if the operation was on your ears or throat, a sinus infection would probably rule the operation out. If it's to reset a broken toe, and the sinus infection isn't one of those horrible staph or strep infections that seem to get into every bit of the body, then it might be OK. But, as others have said, you really need to get medical advice, preferably from the surgeon concerned. S/he won't take risks, but s/he too will prefer the procedure to go ahead if it's OK. But ultimately, s/he is the only person who can make that judgement.

Its not a good idea to have surgery while an infection is going on .. you are right. Tell your Dr. who is doing the surgery .. yes, it may postpone the surgery. He may script you an antibiotic or he may have you see your primary Dr. for the script first. Goodluck with your surgery!

Yes, call your surgeon and let him know. He may want you on some antibiotics. I do not think this will alter any plans of operating, but you never know. So tell him and let him decide. I hope this helps! God bless you and heal you!

I don't think so. You have to be completely well before a hospital will do a procedure on you. Grams

Let your surgeon know as soon as you can. It will depend on how serious your infection is and what the operation is. He will know and is the best person to advise you. His decision will be for your better health so trust him and go with his views even if your operation has to be delayed for a while.

Give your doctor a call before the day of the surgery. They may give you a prescription for something to clear your infection. The sooner you call the more time you will have to get better.
Good luck with your surgery.

You should definitely tell him. Give your body time to heal itself. You don't want a sinus infection to lead to anything serious. Before all of my surgeries they warned me to tell them of any slight illness I feel, that way the infection doesn't spread to other tissues. He may advise you to wait, but it's solely up to him and you, and what he thinks is best for u. Good luck with your surgery.

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