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 Have you ever been kept alive by a feeding tube?

 I get horrible muscle spasms in my foot! hurts sooo bad! help me!?
It just comes out of nowhere, and it hurts sooo bad that i'm like on the floor and i can't move or get up and i start crying because it hurts soo bad. They are horrible and last for a long ...

 Why do bridegrooms and brides faint and collapse so much in wedding videos ? Seems more grooms than brides..?

 Why some people can snap their fingers and some can't?
I have a relative that never learned to snap. I wonder why? Does being double jointed at the thumb effects snapping? Answers please....

 I am 5'4 - I want to be taller?
I am 16 and 5'4 , i want to be 5'8, is there any way can made me tall, I found some website is this can made me tall. Anyone have another way to grow taller please help me . At school some ...

 how soyabean is useful for kids growth? can anybody allergic to soyabean?

 alternative (holistic) vs. modern medicine?
I tend to think that alternative medicine is a bit hokie and not backed up by anything empirical. What are your thoughts for or against these types?
Additional Details
so educate me... ...

 how happy were you after getting liposuction? compared to the price, was it worth it?
either you or someone you know.
Additional Details
looks like i did get a couple of real answers..... very vague though..... i need a good, sturdy, descriptive answer. there is so ...

 In the UK how does one get to see your own medical records?

 Is it unusual to fear choking on plastic or metallic objects?
I fear plastic and I know it's just plastic. what is wrong with me?

I even inspect my cups and bowls to make sure no plastic or dust or anything is on it...just to play it safe<...

 In 24 hours I've consumed 230 oz. of water, help?
I'm 17, female, average build, but I'm constantly dehydrated and no matter how much water I drink, I'm still thirsty.
Diabetes is hereditary on my mother's side, but my blood ...

 social needs and temperament?
my outgoing friend w/ lots of friends tells me i need to meet more people. thing is, i really do think people's social needs and temperament make a difference. she for one is very friendly and ...

 Question for anyone who has ever had x-rays.....?
Why, why oh why do patients insist on turning the wrong way during an exam? I've had patients that turn left when i say to execute a right face. I've had patients when I say put the outside ...

 clear pee after drug test; pass or no pass?
i am a heavy marijuana user and i recently took a drug test.
when i looked in to the cup, my pee was like clear. i have been clean for two days and i took a detox drink before i took the test.i ...

 Does anyone have information on hormonal replacement?
I have heard about a product named Angelic, manufactured by Schering ...

 Can the pills which are swallowed go into where we breathe from?
Can the pills which are swallowed go into where we breathe from and cause us die? I mean when we are drinking or eating sometimes what we eat or drink goes to where we breathe and we cough. If a pill ...

 How to erase stretch marks?
I have these purple marks on my legs, and I think they are stretch marks or something... I'm young, and this is embarrising. How do I get rid of them???...

 Is it possible to grow taller if you have short parents?
Yeah, well I have short parents. I think my mom is around 153 cm and my dad is around 170 cm (or maybe even shorter). I was hoping I'd be able to grow to around 165 cm. I just got into high ...

 I have some psycological problems.Please suggest some lady doctors in chennai for counselling.
Want to know the best psychologist in chennai?
Additional Details
Its is easy tell my ...

 need the answer to this question?
how can a 13 year old get a sixpack and what are carbs are they bad for you....

Are some barcode scanners at supermarkets dangerous for the eyes?
I was at my local supermarket tonight where they have large built-in barcode scanners fixed in an upright position underneath the touch screen that the cashiers work on. They have a separate unit for the cash register and another screen on top of it for the customer to see the products going through.

As I was waiting on the opposite end of another cashier where an employee was working, I noticed laser lights coming out of the barcode scanners screen which is fairly large, and it was shining in my eyes and I looked into it several times.

I’m not too familiar with the danger of lasers and was just concerned if the laser light from some of these large supermarket barcode scanners could be damaging to the eyes? I’m only asking because my eyes are feeling discomforted and that could be unrelated to this. Thank you

hmm .. barcode lasers dont think there harmful

Marrtha Evanns
Barcode scanning devices use lasers, and lasers are harmful to the eyes. Below are some websites which indicate the the scanners can cause harm. I'm don't know a lot about this sort of thing, but you could call your eye doctor or go to an eyeglasses shop such as LensCrafters where there is usually an optometrist on duty and they will probably know a lot about it and hopefully could answer your questions better.

Here is an excerpt from this website below for the "Adesso NuScan 3000 Optical Laser Barcode Scanner":
"Less Harmful to your Eyes
By using a fixed expanding laser light, the NuScan 3000 is less harmful to your eyes than traditional barcode scanners.(We do not recommend staring into the laser light. Possible eye damage could result from mishandling of scanner.)"

Here is a website where you can ask an optometrist a question:

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