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 when you think of numbers do you see them as a colour?
i think of them in my head as:

anyone else do ...

 is it true if you get your head chopped off its still alive for a second or two?

 Which company has best Water Filter Plant in Pakistan?

 I'm 11 and does sleep help me grow taller?

 Do you think that doctors blame sleep problems on sleep apnea?
Because they don't know the real reason why you can't sleep. Or is it a big money maker somehow?
Additional Details
And yes I do know I snore. I was told that I do....

 Is it possible to be tickled to death ?????????
I have been tickled so bad that I felt like I could not take anymore ?
Could someone really die from this ???????...

 do you believe weed causes or prevents cancer?
finally after pushing the topic for years, its starting to get recognition: the fact that cannabinoids help prevent against tumor growth. this is an explaination for why pot smokers dont have an ...

 Question about eating right before bed?
Lately I've been forgetting to eat, or just haven't been feeling like it.
I start getting hungry late at night, since I didn't eat anything in the afternoon. I hear eating before ...

 what are the symptoms of vibration white finger?
And can you get it from using chainsaws?...

 national smoke out...........?
how many that stopped smoking yesterday are still going strong?

good luck to all , it can be done
Additional Details
I hear ya cool stinger......one vice at a time I ...

 What home remedy is best for dark circles & puffy eyes.?

 Sudden faint after a choke from eating..?
My grandmother,about 70+ years old,experienced a sudden faint after she had a choke from eating.She fainted when she drank a little water after eating a piece of cake.Why is this happening?It's ...

 can smoking too much marijuana cause mental problem?
she is getting really aggressive..and ......

 Have you ever donated any of your organs?
Have you ever saved a ...

 Anyone own a Sleep Number Bed for back problem?
Love to hear if you love your Sleep Number Bed and if it is worth the money. I have lower back pain and nerve pain in my left leg. I am seeking to buy one of these, but love to hear advice and ...

 I hope you don't think this is a silly question but...?
can deaf people read cartoon lips?...

 why do scabs itch?

 Should the FDA put warning labels on products that contain an excess amount of sodium?
Given the known risks between high sodium intake and heart disease & high blood pressure, should there be warning labels on products that are extremely high in sodium?

Or perhaps, ...

 What could be causing chronic headaches?
The pain is right behind the eyes. Painkillers and sleep don't help. Also my whole body is achy and it hurts whenever someone touches me. Yeah I know I need to go to the Doc, but just wondering ...

 Nausea in the car when it's been raining?
I've always gotten a headache and stomachache when I'm in the car and it's been raining. It lasts for the duration of the car ride and for a few minutes after I'm in the car, and ...

Any ideas on what can cause someone to pass out & not be able to remember what happened?
Woah, long question title thing =/ Well, it speaks for itself!

My doctors are being useless and I wondered if any of the good people of Y!A had any ideas, because it's annoying waiting 'til I get test results back...

So, yeah and ideas of medical conditions and stuff that can cause that? It's happened a number of times, but one time I can't remember anything at all before or for a while after it.

I'm not a doctor of course but my wife had a similar thing happen to her at age 26 and she subsequently found out she had a mild case of epilepsy. A neurologist will perform a EEG to diagnose epilepsy and in most cases it can be treated with drugs, e.g. Dilantin. You might want to Google epilepsy and look what the Wikipedia has to say about it, i.e. until you get back your test results.

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