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ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəls
why do you get sleepy in the middle of the afternoon?
every day i get really sleepy in the middle of the afternoon. If i sleep, even for a few minutes i feel ready to go again but if i just keep going (dont sleep) i really have to drag myself around for a while before i get over it.
What causes this?
Any way to avoid it?

You are normal. Most people have a low energy feeling from 1-3PM. Since we usually can't leave work to take a nap, we push through, get our energy back and then crash at night. Only to do it again the next day.
If you wake up tired, that means you need more sleep. Or if you are falling asleep a lot of times during the day, or are sleepy and low energy, then get more sleep. At least 7 hours a night is mandatory for the body to repair itself.
If you read any recent literature, you will see that scientists suggest we all follow the Spanish way and take a siesta. No more than 15 minutes or so, or you will mess up your sleep pattern.
I used to take a pillow and blanket to work, eat my lunch, and then take a 15 minute nap. Wonderful. I do the same now, even though I am retired. But most people will use the work ethic of our fathers and say we should not take a nap. Again, read the most recent studies on this topic.
If you are getting the right amount of sleep, and can't take a nap, then have a cup of coffee, or take a short walk and have some water, talk to someone for a minute, and then back to work.
You are normal...isn't that nice?

Well you're either not getting enough sleep at night, or you are lacking some nutrient in your blood like Iron. You don't say how old you are, so if you were older, like in your fifties or early sixties, I would say that the naps are just part of getting older. But if you're a young man then you need to change your habits. A lot of sweets will make you tired, where a lot of caffeine will give you more energy. Don't sit down like being on the computer, get busy doing something active. Take a cool shower when you get to feeling sleepy. Go to bed at a decent hour and try for 8 hours of sleep. Good luck to you sir.

i was exactly like this a little while after eating a carbohydrate heavy breakfast and lunch. your energy levels peak shortly after eating carbs, then dip soon after, leaving you tired and/or hungry.

i would just about nod off at my desk in the afternoon.

now i have a cooked breakfast - eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes, and chicken salad or some other protein meal for lunch and no sugar in my drinks. so i'm pretty much avoidign carbohydrates and feel much sharper for it.

the difference is AMAZING to say the least.

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