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 has this happend to anyone?
you will be sitting there and then some times your vision just starts to move with out your eyes ...

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Additional Details
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When im goin into a deep sleep, i always think that im falling an jump in my sleep... Does this happen to anybody else... and does anybody know what it means??...

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AWE I picked out my dress and shoes ...

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 what's the best remedy for cramps?

 How many hours of sleep do you get a night ?

why do some people sleep with their eyes open?

i have never heard of that.

Duane Allman
Uh ,they usually call this death lol.

♥ luving animals ♥
I don't know it's just how they sleep

I don't know, but it's creepy as hell.

Marissa ((Simply Amazing))
ummmm ii guess thtz the way they want to sleep!!!


donia f

mom of 7
I'd like to know also, both my son(8) and daughter(3mos) do it and it creeps me out.

Hey! I do that! i dont know why though, but one time i scared my sister when she was going to scare me! it was so cool! but, i dont know why, i got it from my dad, he does it too.

Once your eye doesnt register any light, it tells the brain that the eye is closed. When a person falls asleep their eyes are usually closed tight, but as time goes on the musce relaxes and the eye slowly begins to open.

Rose Bridge
Some normal people sleep with their eyes slightly open. This symptom, however, should prompt a search for an underlying neurological problem, namely bilateral facial weakness. One of the more common causes of such a problem, particularly if it has gone unnoticed by the individual, is a form of muscular dystrophy called facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. This may be quite mild in some cases and may present only as some asymptomatic facial weakness and mild shoulder girdle muscle atrophy. It runs in families from generation to generation.

While there is no way of treating several of the causes of facial weakness, eyes could be held closed by pads, or even by surgery in extreme cases. I strongly recommend an evaluation by an ophthalmologist, and also by a neuromuscular specialist, the former being more urgent for the care of your eyes

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