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why do i keep getting the runs????
for a while now i have been having bouts of the runs. sometimes after i have eaten something i have to go to the loo straight away. i know food doesnt pass through you that quickly tho. i have been off work several times because of this and had to leave dinner parties too. also i have been feeling a bit dehydrated even though i drink lots of water. my mouth feels dry and i wake at night with a dry throat. any ideas?????????????????

Johnathan Pritchard

vickie b
go see your gp he tell u

Could be changes in diet, stress, anxiety.

try writting a diary of what you eat, and write the severity of the bowels on the day, how often you go and the colour. sounds silly but if there is a pattern you can see it will help, also it will be helpfull for the doctor.
a blood test may also be needed to rule out anything, espically diabeties.

foods that are bland help,less sugar and less dairy.

rich tea biscuis,
wholemeal bread,
jacket potato,

hope this helps.

It could be a food Allergy ,or irritable bowel,these symptoms could relate to a number of things so you do need to see your doctor and go for some tests to get to the root of the problem and get it sorted out ...I have something called Crohnes Disease and it took me months to get to the root of mine and i had similar symptoms to you but i was been sick and felt very unwell and lost a aw full lot of weight so you do need to get it sorted i am fine now .Hope you get it sorted.

Maybe it's IBS?? (irritable bowl syndrome) Best idea is to go and see your doctor.

Janet P
u need to see a doctor,it could be lots of things from very simple to very complex.from IBS to Gallbladder,to colon problems...see a doctor soon!

You may have a stomach bug or a bit of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Make a food diary and work out which foods are making you feel bad.
You can also buy dehydration sachets from the chemist that taste like orange and help build you up again after you have been ill. If your stomach is constantly playing up peppermint tea is good for calming it down too.
But make sure you speak to your doctor as well as there is nothing worse than being ill over Christmas.

I'd suggest you take a look at your diet !!
maybe you need more Protien or Fibre??

hope you get it sorted hun !

Hey, I sympathize with you and diarrhea is bad news all around. Maybe a little Pepto Bismol would help out. I hope you out.-Steve

Heather M
It sounds like you may have Irritable Bowel Sydrome. There are also 2 other things you could possibly have: Crohn's Disease, or Ulcerative Colitis. I have the same situation after I eat and was concerned. Crohn's Disease amd Ulcerative Colitis are the more serious of the 3. Crohn's Disease is your intestines see your food as a foreign body and in a sense rejects it and clears out your bowels. Ulcerative is almost the same thing except you get ulcers in your stomach and intestines. The only way to diagnose Crohn's or Ulcerative Colitis is a intestine biopsy or colonoscopy. My doctor is treating me for Irritable Bowel and if my symptoms get better than you have IBS. If my symptoms don't get better than I have one of the others. Take fiber all the time and my doctor also prescribed a pill for cramping. The fiber will help harden your stools and the pill will help with the cramping of when you have to go so suddenly. I would talk to you doctor, I put it off because I was a little embarassed but it is a pretty serious thing. Good Luck!

Alison C
go to the doc's and asked to be tested for diabetes. but im only saying that cause you feel like you need to drink all the time.

but im like that with food...as soon as i eat something warm i need to go to the loo. might be irritable bowel syndrome.

either way...get yourself to the doc's.

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