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why do i feel dizzy and nauseous?
im 12 and i have been feeling dizzy, and light headed. i have been dizzy for about a week. i dont know if it has something to do with my ear but iv q-tiped and well its not pretty. there is no blood or puss or anything like that. whats wrong? p.s. please dont joke arond

well for the nausa id say smoke some weed cuz you cant puke up smoke in the event you do still throw up, drink more water, if its constant for even 3 days though id say go to the dr cuz if it is something then its ALOT better to be over prootective than to dismiss it as not serious

alex h
your going to blow up in 6 seconds

[ cupcake ]
I get that when I haven't had enough fluids.
Drink plenty of water, so you don't get dehydrated

Prego :)

Doctor McMuffin
another swine flu victim.

*waiting & wishing*
Probably ure blood pressure went a little bit down.... dw thers nothing muxh to worry about but still go to the doctor and he will probably tell you this.... to solve this you have to include more salt and salty things to your diet so ure blood pressure will go up..... ohhhh one more thing if when you wake up you feel immediately dizzy be careful just wake up slowly from bed.... because i once lost my balance and bumbed my head

Balex Girl
Well if there is no possible way you could be pregnant, I would go see a doctor. You mentioned your ear, I had a really bad inner ear infection that caused me to pass out randomly and feel dizzy all the time until it was gone. Do your ears hurt to touch them or are the insides of your ears swollen? I think you might have an ear infection, tell your parents to take you to the doctor, no worries, antibiotic shot will clear it up.

its me
tell your parents and go see your doctor....

I'm 12 too. Are you on your period? If so, don't worry about it. If not, see a doctor.

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►I Wonder◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
it could be that your equilibrium is off. try drink tea and sitting down for a while.

i've gotten that a couple times and freaked out... its nothing

mr goofy
show it to a doctor

It probably hasn't got any thing to do with your ear, you can become dizzy if A. you blood sugar is to low, make sure your eating properly or B. your blood ppressureis too high this means you have eaten to much salts and fats so try to lean off of them.

don't ask us....tell your parents and have them make you a Drs appointment...don't mess around with your ears....you don't want to get scaring and hearing loss

Audrey Longano
hi love,
dizzy and nauseous feeling at the age of 12 may be a reflection of poor sleeping habits. Do you get enough sleep every night? At least 8 hours? The best cure for anything is getting enough sleep.

or perhaps ur stressed and anxious about something. In this case, relax yourself and try not to be worried

I suspect it is vertigo. It has to do with an inbalance in your ear. Caused by a virus, allergies or unexplainable reasons. You should see a doctor to get it checked!
Hope you feel better soon.
Try checking your blood pressure!
or it is
Simply dehydration, drink many maaaany glasses of water a day.

looks like your Eggo is prego.

maybe its because of your sleep patterns .
or maybe food .
are you eating enough /
are you drinking enough water ?
maybe your dehydrated ..

if after you eat - sleep - and drink lots of water ,
you still feel bad ,
go see a doctor
because it might be some sort of infectionn .

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