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why cant I sleep in on a weekend?
I go to bed at 11pm most nights, I just cant sleep past 7am, as soon as I wake up I have to get up , I try to lie there but cant. I have a fulltime job and worked since I was 16, im now 34 and i've always been the same, whats wrong? my wife can sleep until about 10am why cant I? please help! does anybody else have the same problem?

Rocco Jr.
I had the same problem a few years ago, so i'm right now !!

it's not a serious problem !!

Your body is programmed to get up at a certain time. Mine is always between 7 and 7:30 unless I do some serious carousing the night before.

Just live with it.

i'm always awake early on weekends and so are the children- even though monday to friday they have to be dragged out of bed!- I think its called " Sods Law"

same thing happens to me bro...im 30. my wife sleeps till noon or so, but i just gotta get up and do something the minute i wake up.

i guess we are just conditioned that way.

your internal clock works different then everyone elses

well...sleep needs vary from person to person. remember, too, that your need for sleep may decrease and your ability to go to sleep may improve when you are exercising regularly and doing things you enjoy and do easily. people who need more sleep and experience more sleeplessness could be under stress or are less active than yourself.

you just have the body clock of an lark. my fella works alot of night shifts and spends all friday night awake cos he just can't sleep. you need to just accept the differences

jean m
Im terrible at weekends too. In the week I start work at 7.00am so Im up by 5.45am. Every weekend I say Im going to lie in and sleep but my body clock wakes me and I just lay there bored so I get up and make tea and read. Its very frustrating as im always so tired at night and cant stay up late.

its just your body clock that wakes you up i have the same problem, only on a work day i cant get out of bed and on a non work day i wake up early and cant get back to sleep!!! xxx

just be thankful you are a morning person. Haven't you noticed how many cranky and miserable people there are first thing in a morning ,all hating you because you are alive and raring to go . Time will come when you cant get up so early so just enjoy it for the moment

no because i'm just like ur wife,,but if i was u i would mention it 2 ur doctor

my husband has this problem and it drives me nuts. ihate it cos he gets up at 6am at the weekends - i know he cant help it cos of his body clock and i could stay in bed for hours - but its sooooooo annoying cos he wakes me up.

are you tired?

sleeping when you are not tired is bad for you.

You should not sleep in on weekends. If you do it means you are not getting enough sleep during the week. It is better to have a regular going to bed and getting up time that is the same every day.

Sounds like those circadian rhythms (internal sleep cycles) again! They vary person to person, which is why yours and your wife's are different. Your body might work best on 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and it sounds like you get about that much nightly. Question is, is that enough sleep for you? Doesn't sound like there's been a lot of change there. Could there be some effect of caffeine, alcohol, late-night exercise, stress/worry, late meals, medical conditions, or medications to consider? Is your mattress due for a change? Is your spouse a restless sleeper that wakes you? Some people are also sensitive to morning light and wake as soon as the room starts to brighten in the morning. Heavier blinds/drapes at the window can help to keep the brain from "waking up" to early. Is there a seasonal pattern for you, with sleeping in becoming waaaay easier in wintertime compared to summertime, when the hours of daylight are much longer? Just a few ideas. You didn't mention whether you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep (maybe you're terribly fatigued come morning), but if it's anything more than a nuisance to wake up early on weekends, it might be worth getting a sleep study done. you and your doctor can talk about it.

If it's any consolation, I've read in several places (none of which I can find now, of course), that sleeping in on the weekends is not all that good for you as it's much harder to resume your regular sleep routine come Sunday night. Makes Monday mornings really hard. Besides, the best time to sleep in is while on vacation - I recommend it.

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