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why can't there be a cure for the common cold?
surely if the word "common" is in the title, then there must be something there that would help preventing the cold in the first place?

Roz M
Perhaps there is a cure and the government want the rest of us to die so they can save on pensions. What if it's only common folk that aren't given the cure. lol

The "common cold" isn't just one cold, which makes it harder to fight.

- - - - - - -

Common Cold Caused By Multiple Viruses, New Study Reveals

February 2, 1998--A recent study investigating causes of the common cold affirms that most colds are caused by viruses, but only half are a result of infection with the rhinovirus, the virus most often implicated in colds....

In 138 of the 200 cases, the researchers were able to identify an infectious agent as the cause. Rhinovirus was found to be the cause of 105, or just over half the cases in the study. Other causes of cold symptoms included coronavirus, influenza A virus, and respiratory syncitial virus (RSV). All of these viruses are known to cause symptoms associated with colds. Nearly all the colds with a known cause were found to be caused by a viral infection. Only 7 patients were found to have bacterial infections, but six were also found to have a viral infection as well....

Mild upper respiratory illness, also known as the common cold, is identified by a set of symptoms. These symptoms can include inflamed sinuses, nasal congestion and a sore throat. Studies done as early as the 1960s have identified rhinovirus as a frequent cause of colds, but the number of cases in which rhinovirus was detected has been as low as 25 percent. Although diagnostic methods have improved greatly since then, no studies into the cause of the common cold have been published recently.

its a common cold because everyone can get that strain but once you have had it, you cant get it again, so really it perhaps would be a waste of money to come up with a cure.
plenty of rest and vit c will get you back to health. x

cause it a virus
you cant do anyting about that
just let your body do the work

Jessica M
a cold is virus and all viruses have to run thier course..

daddy "d"
The "common" cold is caused by adaptable organisms that mutate. Kinda like the freaks on Yahoo Q & A. Any normal "cure" medication would be ineffective in a matter of months.

Because its viral...and its called common because it doesn't choose class.....EVERYONE can get it!

Drink orange juice and take vitamin C pills. You'll be rid of it in no time.

Because cold are viruses and are caused by many different strains of the virus. When you get at cold your body builds up an immunity to that particular strain of the virus, so it changes and the next time you get a cold it is slightly different. Also, cold are very contagious and they spread so quickly.

Elliot Ness
because no two colds are the same, you cannot catch the same cold twice. It mutates with each victim in invades.

peter w
cure is not always the righ way to look at things. your body is covered in bacteria and microbes and viruses. The only thing that stops you dieing in the next few hours is your immune system which is a barrier against all diseases. if you take products to boost your immune system you will be much stronger against all illnesses - things like echinachea, propolis tablets and aloe gel will boost it tremendously - see the website www.foreverlivinginternational.com

That's a good question. maybe there will be in the future, just like back in history when they didn't have cures for some diseases.

too simple, because its caused by virus that changes so quickly and immune itself from anything we give so it becomes more resistance to anything we take to get rid of it, we can't cure it and very little to prevent it, in general if you try to get your immune system stronger by taking vitamin C and zinc then this will help your body to defeat it quickly when it gets it.

Because the virus that causes it is a clever bugger. A retro-virus will mutate therefore targetting it is nigh on impossible.

FineLarry says Stercus Accidit!
The word 'common' is loosely used here. There are many viruses that give us the 'cold' symptoms and if a person is healthy enough it will disappear within 5 to 7 days. Besides, it keeps your immune system on it's toes and if a cure were found, think of the consequences, once a new strain of the relatively harmless virus emerged it would kill you, because the body would no longer have the capability to overcome it in time. Personally I don't think it would be a good idea at all. I'd rather have a runny nose than die.

no cure, but zicam will shorten the duration.

The common cold cold is caused by viruses which are constantly changing their genetic material so they cannot be targeted by a single vaccine or medicine.

Viruses mutate all the time so it is difficult to impossible to find a cure. Its like the flu, you are always hearing about new flus and new vacinations for them.

Join BUPA, Then there is no such thing as common

It constantly mutates from one person to another. The same cold people had a year ago is a different strain of germs now. You can't medicate something that changes so much.

steph j
Its a mutating virus that changes all the time. thats why we get more than one cold as soon as we are immune to one strain of the virus another appears and we catch that.

Well if there was a cure for the common cold think of the millions lost each year by manufacturers of cold remedies! Seems like a conspiracy to me!

Because there are around 250+ strains of the common cold and it mutates on a regular basis.

there is a cure but it would put all the drug companies out of business. The best prevention is to keep your hands clean, sounds dumb but its true.

too many different strands to create one cure

Cryssie R
it mutates too often.

A reason is that treatment for viruses is nonexistent, with few exceptions. Other, more than 100 viruses cause common cold

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