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what is haemoglobin? what does it do in your body? if it is low,how does it affect your body and health? also?
what is a stomach mirgaine?

Haemoglobin is your blood, so if its low you should work on getting yourself sorted out.
You can also check out a site called Webmd. Sometimes you can check your symptoms on there, but it's not going to a real doctor and if you don't go in with an open mind, you'll decide that you're dying of everything.

Try to imagine a building site. The main way of moving sand around is with a wheelbarrow. Well haemoglobin it the body's way of carrying oxygen around the system. This is a rather simplistic analogy, but I hope it works. As for the second part of your question try:


it is the red pigment that holds the oxygen in your blood that your muscles and organs need to function. It is responsible for the red colour of blood. It collects oxygen from the lungs and transports it around the body in the arteries. Once the oxygen is all used up, it goes back to the lungs in veins - which is why arterial blood is bright red and veinous blood is dark purple.
It is vital to your health -and one cigarette can change the colour of your blood by stopping it pick up as much oxygen.

Your blood is made up of 3 parts. Haemaglobin is the part that holds oxygen as it travles thru your body and gives it to the cells that need it. If you do not have enough haemaglobin, then your body dosn't have enough Oxygen, so you start feeling light headed... gasping for breath. You will probably start seeing that your skin starts turning an ash or bluish tinge to it.
As to your second question I am not sure. Try looking it up on WebMD.com.

Hemoglobin or haemoglobin (frequently abbreviated as Hb) is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red cells of the blood in mammals and other animals. Hemoglobin in vertebrates transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, such as to the muscles, where it releases the oxygen load.

heamoglobin is a chemical that travels thru ur body in ur blood that helps to release oxygen in the places that need it most eg lungs heart and brain

It's something to do with the oxygen in your red blood cells.

it carries oxygen in the blood. low levels mean low oxygen in your body, meaning you have little energy and heal slowly.

Hemoglobin is contained within the red blood cells (erythrocytes), giving blood its characteristic color. It serves to transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. The concentration of hemoglobin is easily measured by diluting blood in an appropriate solution and measuring in an electronic instrument how much light is absorbed when it is passed through this solution. In the condition called anemia, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is diminished; in polycythemia, it is increased.

Hemoglobin is the iron-containing pigment of the red blood cells. Its function is to carry the oxygen from your lungs to your tissues. IF your hemoglobin is low, it causes anemia, and your tissues do not receive enough oxygen to carry out their functions..For example, your brain needs oxygen to be able to direct the nerves to do their functions. Think of it as the fuel for the brain, which is command central for the body. If tissues do not get oxygen, they die, or shut down. All of your organs need oxygen, you can't survive without it.
As for the stomach migraine, I've never actually heard that term before, but it may be a kind of migraine headache that progresses until vomiting occurs,then is quickly relieved. I have seen many who have horrible headaches, whic can only be relieved by vomiting. As soon as they voit or empty their stomaches, the headache is gone. I would ask your doctor.

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