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 What do you do if you are over tired and do not want to sleep?
It is early in the morning where I am and even though I am tired I don't feel like sleeping.
How can I keep myself going a few hours longer?...

 Ever get a BRUISED eyelid?
My toddler son just learned how to say 'eyes', so he was SHOWING me where my eyes were and POKED me in the eye. NOW, my entire eyelid is very orangish-reddish - like a bruise. AND the ...

 Shift work??
Why is it if i work a 12 hour shift days I only need 6 hoours sleep but if i do a 12 night shift I come home and need to get to bed to sleep all day?...

 i have under eye bags,does more sleep realllly help them go away?

 Do you think the health care system in America is broken?

 i don't feel so good, anything that will help me feel better?
i think i'm getting a fever or the ...

 I lose control of my left side when i stand up, My fist tightens my leg drags and my neck tilts to the side?
I lose control of ny left side when i stand up, My fist tightens my leg drags and my neck tilts to the side and i can't control it. I have had this since i was a child but no one seems to know ...

 a lot of hairs seem to come out when i run my fingers through my hair. what's wrong?
i'm only 16...help! it's not like chunks, it just seems like many more strands than before. maybe i'm not getting enough of a certain vitamin or something?...

 Was my weed laced, please help!?
i bought this weed from a friend. who got it from his good friend. he said it was just normal weed. me and my one friend smoked it. after about 10 mins i started feeling numb, like exactly how you ...

 Veins in the eyes tells alot about your health?
I was told that you can tell alot about a person's health by the veins that shows up in the eyes. Is this true? If so, can you provide a link so that I can research further. Thanks for the ...

 How can you straighten your neck from being tall and looking at a computer for too many years.?
My neck has a sharp forward curve that starts from the spine to neck change. It's so annoying to have my neck curve forward to much but being tall means leaning over to see people all the time ...

 What's with my twitching eyebrow?
So, I have been having this wierd twitch in my right eyebrow area for the past 3 to 4 days and it's starting to get on my nerves. It hasn't been continuous, but periodically, since Thursday....

 TMJ from biting nails?
My husband has a nail biting habit. His jaw is starting to make a clicking sound and I say it's from biting his nails. It doesn't hurt him but I wonder if it can lead to worse problems. A...

 2 Litres of Coca-Cola?
For longer than i can remember i've been drinking at least a litre of Coca-Cola per day for at least 2 years, what have i done to my body? (I'm now drinking 2 litres of water instead of C...

 i cant sleep but im not sick?
im 18 i cant sleep i have tried everything but drugs i went to the doctors and spent the night with some machine hooked up to me and they said that there is nohting worng with me and when i do sleep ...

 What's wrong with me :(?
Ever since last week I've felt constantly sick and dizzy. I'm just laying in bed at the moment and I feel nauseous. I feel really tired all the time too and occasionally keep getting really ...

 Ive had a cold for a few days now and since yesterday the smell of cigarette smoke has made me feel nauseous.?
Why is this happening? Im a smoker so this doesnt make alot of sense to me. The smell doesnt even smell like what smoke normally smells like. Has anyone else experienced this? Or am i just crazy?

 Can't eat whats wrong with me?
over the last few weeks, my diet has cut right down. I slipped to just one meal per day but was having snacks throughout e.g. fruit and veg. Ive lost over a stone now and i'm really proud of it. ...

 Does Buscopan have any side effects???

 Has anyone ever used BUROPION 150mg to quit somking?
Is it any good?...

what is chicken gunia what are symptoms?

Dileep J
It is not chicken gunia, it is chikungunia. Nothing to do with poultry. It is a disease which spreads through mosquito bites. The symptoms are severe pain in the joints, fever etc.It is too painful to move about. There is no definite cure for it yet. Doctors treat it by giving medicines for joint pains and for fever. the severity of the disease lessens in a week or so. The effects remain sometimes even after 3-4 months; some pain in the joints etc.



It is not chicken gunia but CHIKUNGUNYA. It is caused by virus that is transmitted by bite of a mosquito.

Chikungunya Virus, also known as Buggy Creek Virus, is transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquito bites. The virus belongs to the Family -Togoviridae, and the Genus is Alpha virus. Till date there has been no reported direct person-to-person spread.

The mosquitoes that cause infection due to the Chikungunya virus in Africa and Asia are the same mosquitoes that cause yellow fever and dengue fever in many parts of the world. Hence many parts of the world could be affected by the Chikungunya virus.

Genetic analysis of the Chiungunya viruses reveal that there are two distinct types of the virus - one contains all isolates from western Africa and the second comprising all southern and East African strains, as well as isolates from Asia.

Fever (> 40 C, 104 F)


Joint pain (or arthralgia)

Arthritis affecting multiple joints that can be debilitating.

Swelling of Joints

Rash (May occur rarely)

Sometimes there maybe infection of the conjunctiva of the eye and some photophobia.




Bleeding or hemorrhage (May occur rarely).

In one study over 12% of patients who contract Chikungunya virus infection develop chronic joint symptoms.

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