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 Why is Health Insurance so high?

Additional Details
If everybody pays for Health Insurance most people are not sick?
This doesn't make sense....

 I'm not sleepy, but my eyes are. How do you wake your eyes up?

 Sleep Suggestions?
Does anyone have any tips on how to go through all 5 stages of sleep sucessfully and peacefully???

 very hard to fall asleep.. help?
I'm 15, I'm up until at least 4:30 until i get tired. i just lay in bed in the dark for hours. this year has been rough so could that be the cause of this? by rough i mean my pet ran ...

 How can I tell if I have a weak immune system?

 Any tips on getting to sleep better? ?
I have a English GCSE tomorrow morning and NEED the sleep but I'm having trouble

Please help??...

 Sharp chest pain sometimes?
Hi, I'm 19 and I've recently been getting sharp pains in my chest. I use to have heartburn but this isn't the same type of pain I'm talking about. It feels like a stab to the left ...

 Spinal tap / lumbar puncture headache???
I had a LP done 2 days ago and have been laying down 95% of the time. I have had a mild headache and I'm taking tylenol. I'm wondering if this is a spinal headache? And if it is do I need ...

 why do i keep feeling sick?
I keep getting this horrible feeling. Its been going on for a couple of months now.

My symptoms are:

Nausea (feeling sicky in my throat and stomach)
An urge to 'heave&#...

 Felt something in my chest while doing a neck x-ray?
I got a neck x-ray, so it was aimed at my neck, but I felt a feeling in my stomach (like boiling water hit it for 0.00001secs). I was also holding some board near it. I didn't ask what it was ...

 Can you wake someone up when they took a sleeping pill?

 I am a 57 year old woman that drinks everynight to get to sleep?
I probably drink 5 to 6 drinks a night...I don't get drunk..Just relaxed enough to eventually go to sleep...I am concerned about liver damage...I have so many responsibilities during the day I ...

 Whats wrong with me?? Is it serious?
Kay every morning, I go for my shower be for school, And hair always falls out of my head.. theres like 5 strands. and theres pieces falling out through out the day. I don't know if its normal. O...

 Why can't i fall asleep and stay asleep?!!!!!?
for the last couple of weeks i have had the worst time trying to fall asleep and stay asleep. i've been taking citalopram for a few months for a panic disorder and it has disrupted my sleep, ...

 Dalmane Found In URINE TEST?
I recently had a drug test for work and I was contacted to tell me a drug called Dalmane (Flurazepam) was found in my blood. I do take Xanax, they did not find that. They said it was positive for a ...

 I just saw a video in which siblings--an 8 year old boy and a 10 year old girl,were just pulled to safety...?
...after spending an entire week under rubble in Haiti.
How is that possible to survive--no water for a week!?!...

 If you have to choose....exercise or sleep....?
Say you work late one day, so you get to sleep late and have to wake up early for work. You didn't get enough sleep. Is it better to get up (the next morning, or that night) and hit the gym ...

 I'm slurring my words, my eyes are dialated, and I have massive head presure.?
I'm slurring my words, my eyes are dialated, and I have massive head presure. What could this be?
Additional Details
I'm 20 years old... This is the 3rd time its happened, ...

 Do you want to learn to relax and get rid of bad nerves or jitters?
This works for everyone and there has never been a failier (Never mind my spelling as I refuse to use spell check)
Sit down and relax. Dont cross your legs and rest your hands in your lap. Now ...

 I want to sleep. help me!?
OK for about 2 weeks now i go to bed at 5am wake at 10am. Then about 1 day out of the week i go to sleep at 1am and wake up at 11am . so i didn't really care. then i stayed up all day and night ...

eddie h
what is a hypercondriac?

A person with hypochondria is preoccupied with physical health and body. The diagnosis is used when a person during at least 6 months believes, fears or is convinced that he has a serious disease despite medical reassurance. This fear of disease or preoccupation with symptoms is unpleasant, interferes with the patient's daily life in a negative way and leads to medical examinations and/or treatment. The patient can only temporarily accept assurance that there is no physical explanation to his symptoms

It's hypochondriac. These people are obsessed with their health and always think or feel they are sick.

Actually, the word is hypo-chondriac, originally related to the upper abdominal area below the ribs or chondria, as this was thought to be the source of life. So a person always concentrating on their physical signs or symptoms is the one who gets such a label. However, it can be a sign of something else going on like a depression, and a person thinking of something else instead of their own inner pain or problems. So though most people are turned off by hypochondriacs, if you want to help, it might be helpful to listen long enough to see why the person can't talk about or see their own real problem. On the other hand it may be better to help the person to a Health professional who is more used to dealing with such problems, and who can investigate to see what is underlying, physical or mental.

monkey boy
someone who always thinks their sick.

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