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what does it mean when you get dizzy all of a sudden and you feel like you are about to pass out ?

Additional Details
i know its not because i dont eat a lot or because i dont drink a whole lot of fluids because i do a lot of bot a whole lot while im working or standing up it just happens all of a sudden and i feel like im blacking out i get really weak and begin to run short on air so what the hell is wrong with me

This happens to me a lot. I'm only 12 too. It usually happens right after I was lying down and then get up really fast, then I black out. ( I don't actually pass out though. I just can't see anything for a few seconds.) Sometimes I just randomly feel like that though. It's really confusing... I don't think it is anything serious. I think it may be just a rush of blood to your head or something like that. I'm not sure if I'm right or not... just thought this might help a little. Hope it does. (:

Tree Hugger
It could mean that you aren't eating enough, lack of food can easily do that. It could be lack of iron in your diet, or you could possibly (probably not) be anaemic, which means that you just naturally have low iron levels.
Best thing you can do is go to the doctors and they can check you out properly.
Hope it all works out

Blue Ox
Too much blood went to your head

Miss Louise
It could be head rush if i happens after you stand up. But it could be due to high blood pressure. It could also be an in balance in your ears. It means that you lose your sense of balance and you can get really hot and need to sit down. If it's the later it would be best to see a doctor as it's a medical condition and can affect you a lot.

Your iron could be low, not enough water (which can also cause headaches), fatigue and etc.

Kiki S
depends on a lot of things, you could be dehydrated, i have a problem where i don't get enough vitamin d. if it tends to happen a lot it may be the vitamin D. Also, sometimes people just get dizzy then it goes away it happens for no reason at all.

Could mean a few things... you havent eaten well and your body need nutrients... you stood up (or some other way you had a blood rush) and you need to lay down with your feet in the air.... lotts of other stuff. Those are the most common

Lulu J
It could mean a lot of things. For one, did you just stand up quickly? If so, it could be a sudden drop in blood pressure. It should level out quickly and the dizziness go away. Also, you could have an infection affecting your ears...and therefore your vestibular system. If it continues, see a doctor.

it means you have a head rush. The blood rushing to your head causes that feeling.

you should really go see a doctor

but it could very well be dehydration
keep up the fluids and see how you go

i think it means there isnt enough blood going to your brain.... i think

vertigo its what happens when your lying down for a while and you get up real quick, you feel really sick and dizzy, the best thing to do is lie down and close your eyes until the feeling goes away

it means you're dizzy and you might pass out....
lol I dunno rush of blood from your head?

'Cuse Fan
low potassium levels, or you got up too fast

low blood pressure. Did you eat anything? Have some orange juice and it should pass. I did this when I had a doctor's appointment. I had ran all day and was trying to get things ready for a BD party and had a dr. appointment. I had come out of the office and all of a sudden felt a bit dizzy. I sat down for a bit and then was ready to go home. I went towards the elevator and that's all I remembered. I passed out and found myself surrounded by people and a nurse there with a wheel chair. They took me back to the office, I have a glass or OJ and I was fine. lol

After listening to your last comment, I would make a dr. appointment to have your blood checked. Maybe something will show up there. You might be anemic. My friend also had that problem and found out that she had leukemia. You could also be diabetic or pregnant, so the best way to find out is to get a check up, because the symptoms could be a lot of things from something minor to something serious.

Low blood pressure, vertigo, too much to drink, getting choked,.....

Could be lack of oxygen or dozens of other things. If you need more suggestions now, go to webMD and search by symptoms.


Then call your doctor and schedule an appointment.

Sara B
That happens to me a lot when I stand up and have been sitting for awhile. For me it's having low blood pressure, but with you it could be a number of things. So, that is always a possibility but of course, to be sure, you should talk to your doctor about it. Good luck!

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