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madison :)
if i get up with too little sleep i feel sick.. any way to get rid of this?
when i wake up early i feel sick for a few hours.. reasons why? and how do i stop it?

Obviously, you need more sleep. But some tips that have worked for me when I get an episode like this. Try any of them to see if it helps (and this is if there's nothing physically wrong with you):

1. Brush your teeth real good, preferably with something really minty to get the bad "stink" out of your mouth. Sometimes it's the smell that makes you feel blah. Or chew a minty gum.

2. Eat/drink something, choose your preference of either sweet or salty items. A something sweet usually helps me get through a blah feeling. But, sometimes my body wants salt. Your blood sugar might be low, and eating does help.

3. Wash your face with cold water, or just take a shower. This will help you wake up and get rid of any blahs. Or put a cold towel over your eyes and face. Keeping the face cool alleviates blah/nausea feelings. It works!

4. Get some fresh air. Go for a morning walk. Do some deep breathing exercises. Move your arms, stretch out those knots in the muscles. You'll feel much better.

5. And my favorite last resort: don't notice it, and challenge your blah to get worse if it can. When I minimize the observation of the nasty feeling, it goes away rather fast.

Good luck!

Two reasons:

First, U are dehydrated. If U do not drink much before sleeping, there is no enough water to keep ur metabolic processes going. 8 hrs of sleep deprives the body of much water.

Second, U might be deficient in magnesium. If U take much coffee, tea, sodas, alcoholic beverages, energy and sports drinks, chocolates, these contain caffeine that is a diuretic and dehydrating. Diuresis spills magnesium out of the body. Its deficiency als prevents U from having a well rested sleep.

Solution: Take abt 2-3 quarts of water daily. Important time is upon waking up in the morning and at bedtime, half hr before meals and 2 and a half hrs after meals and replace every urination with 8 ounces water. Avoid the substances I mentioned earlier.

Supplement urself with 350 mg of magnesium daily.

Hope this helps.

☼grundle goat☼
cut out the drugs and alcohol and take a pregnancy test

if thats not why, then try to eat healthier, excercise, cut out cigarettes and caffiene, and go to bed earlier

try get some more sleep then, sounds like tiredness

I feel like this, lethargic.
I started taking womens multi vitamins and feel pretty darn good shortly after and I find that I'm not as tired in the afternoon anymore. and if I feel especially crap in the morning after a bad sleep I get an enrgy drink like redbull or Vcan or something.

well theres a way to fix it...sleep longer

low blood sugar. or lack of sleep. go to bed earlier. Drink a sip of OJ if it is low blood sugar.
Get dressed and go for a walk.
EAT breakfast.


Yup. Go to sleep on time.

Be me
Get more sleep.

EAT! I have the same problem... and usually food makes me feel better in the morning... most of the time you are just so hungry your stomach hurts... Well... i am anywayz... hope it helps...

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