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getting headaches often?why?
ok ive recently been getting lots of headaches 3 to 4 a week mainly when its sunny (even when im indoors). i hate taking painkillers unless its unbareble then i have to.
could my eyes have become light sensitive?

never had this problem before

i do wear glasses but only for watching tv and pc
Additional Details
my eyes also hurt when i get these headaches,

Jim Nasium
Hi, i have been in the medical profession for some 32 years now and have seen your problem esculate rapidly in the past 5-6 years, mainly in countries such as kasakstan, usbekistan, makiupistan and wales.

The problem you are faced with is commonly known in the industry as being BRAIN DEAD..(or **** for brains, in wales)

This is where your brain has turned into a pebble, now if you have acted in enough time then you may get away with having a pebble as a brain for the rest of your life, if not then there is a very good chance that the pebble could evolve into a fully grown stone or in extreme cases a rock/boulder type of thing..

To make sure you keep your new brain (pebble) as small as possible, next time you feel an attack coming on you need to lock yourself away until the day of your 87th birthday, it is inportant that you stay there until this date and not come out before and CERTAINLY not after...

if you do this then you will be able to live the rest of your life in a certain degree of comfort..

Hope this helps!!

larry m♥
I suggest you go to your eye doctor and see what he says! lol.

One of my friends always gets headaches and he does not get rid of them until he donates blood. try it.

I would have your eyes rechecked to make sure your vision hasn't changed. Yes, your eyes can become light sensitive and there are a ton of things that can cause headaches, one being dehydration. If your headaches persist, or become worse I would definately see your doc.

You might not be getting enough sleep.

OR you could have a tumor of which you'd need to get an MRI because small tumor press up against the brain causing frequent headaches. its scary and I'll probably get a thumbs down but its better to be safe than sorry.


Have you been under any additional stress these past few weeks? Stress can lead to muscle tension which will cause dull headaches, often only annoysome, they can become severe and interupt your activities.
You might have your eyes checked as well. Sometimes our eyes may be straining to see and can cause headaches.
Another cause could be allergies. These cause headaches and eye irritation.
If your headaches are localized (meaning only pain in one area of the head) and it is sharp pain, you need to see a dr.

craig l
May be stress. This is often a factor. Are there any changes in your job and or relationship.

Watching to muc h tv and especially being on the computer a lot can cause headaches.

Maybe you also have a bad tooth. This was a cause of headaches I had for a while. When I finally got my tooth fix the headaches did not come back.

Hope this helps!

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