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does having dark yellow pee mean you're dehydrated?

yes. the lighter your pee, the more hydrated you are

yea, or it could mean that you have a lot of toxins in your blood system


Julia D
yes it does mean that you are dehydrated so if i were you i would drick a glass of water every day

Happy Mommy and Airforce Wife!
Definitely means your not getting enough water

yes, not enough water.

Jeffrey C
Not neccessary so, Liver infection may also caused this effect. Of course body dehydration is quite apparent but sometime if you're on medications this may also be possible on what medicines you have been prescribed. So, always must drink a minimun of 4 to 6 litres of plain water a day to keep you healthy.

If there is pain associated with the dark pee, or need to go but can't, then you have an UTI (urinary track infection), you'll have to see your Doc. asap for medicine to make it go away, or drink lots of cranberry juice. That can help.

sometimes, but it can also happen when you take a multivitamin, but especially B-vitamins, and can happen when you eat a lot of veggies too. It's just as likely that it's from one of these as it is from being dehydrated.

It could be dehydration...so drink lots of fluids & see if it changes..
If you have pain or burning when you urinate it could also be a kidney infection.
Could be medication.

Yes.. often from drinking a lot of alcohol (without water to back it up)

basically. you need to drink more water.

Baby Jack born 4/5/09

very dark pee may be a sign of kidney problems
drink lots of water.

Dark yellow being close to an orangy colour? yes. If it goes any darker, u could be getting an infection.

Yes. Actually, you shouldn't have yellow urine at all, it should be clear like water, which shows that you are drinking the right amount of fluids. When your urine is dark yellow, it means you should get a drink right away. This also could mean you have toxins in your body and you are ill. Take some fluids to test this out if you have dark yellow urine, and if it doesn't work, you are most likely sick.
If you have pain with your urine, you have an infection and should take cranberry juice and/or see a doctor ASAP!

YES. or it vcould be from vitamins

~ Ternie ~ ツ
Usually means dehydration, but it could also mean you're in renal failure. Your eyes aren't looking yellow are they? That's another sign of renal failure.

The person who mentioned drinking too much alcohol would be partially correct as well, only in that alcohol dehydrates you, which is why they say to drink one drink then one glass of water when drinking so that you do not dehydrate.

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