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Clint Eastwood
can you fall asleep if you have no eyelids?
i cant fall asleep without shutting my eyes
is it possible to fall asleep with no eye lids?
Additional Details
yeah but normally become tired and my eyes shut.
and i meant if your eyelids were cut out.

you will be blind if you had no ilids

umm u do know that some people can sleep with there eyes open...its creepy but true..kind of more creepy ...imagine having someone stare at you while you sleep....ughhh

yes, snakes do. fallilng asleep isn't just closing your eyes, scientifically, it just means that your body is shutting down, and you go on your automatic functions which are things such as breathing. snakes have no eyelids, and they sleep, so it seems like they are awake all the time even when they're not

Is A Frogs A$$ Water Tight,,,,, If your tired enough, yes your body will sleep

Yea it is. You just have to get used to it.


AEropostale <3
hahahaha everyone has eylids!

I've fallen asleep with my eyes open once, for like a minute.

If you have no eyelids, then your eyes would shrivel up because they're gonna end up dry. The only reason why fish don't have eyelids is because they're underwater so they're eyes are wet.

wow...that's kinda freaky to think about, lol

Haha, my friend once fell asleep (and slept for several hours) with her eyes halfway open. So I guess the eyelids aren't all that important. A good question, though.

Ha ha that is a good question.

yes. it is. everyone has to sleep. the body cant reject it too long.

UK Actionman
Not if you left the light on.........

Some people can fall asleep with their eyes open.

But taping eyelids open has been used as torture before to stop the person sleeping.

I guess if you were born with no eyelids you probably could, but maybe it would be a bit harder if you lost your eyelids in a horrible sewing machine accident.

no you would die if u had no eyelids

NJ. the Gemini
JOSEPH, Haven't you never seen any body fast a sleep with there eye
or there eyes wide open? Well that happened all the time.
You could think of this as well Can a blind person sleep? or they all ways a sleep? Do you understand what I mean young man? so the ans. to your question is yes you can fall a sleep if you have no eyelids
OK LITTLE MAN? I know that this a child because of the way the ques
is been ask and I like the question, because it is funny, and it shows that he
is thinking & I like people who THINKS.

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