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a little disgusting but, why are my feces green? this is really bothering me.. please mature answers only!!!!!
okay, this may be a really odd question, but i have not eaten anything leafy or green in a long time, but i have been drinking this grape juice, its just a generic juice mix, sorta like cool-aid....could that be what is causing the discoloration of my feces...it also is very loose....please only mature answers only.....its sorta embarrasing and i feel that there might be a problem if its not the juice....

Personally I don't know.. but I did a little searching and found this:

"blue food dye will turn your feces bright green. FDA Blue #5 found in Kool-Aid is known to cause this as it combines with bile to form a bright green color. But it can be a problem with iron absorbtion or another serious disorder.

Check the foods you eat and see if there are any food dyes in them, make note of this and when you eat them and see if they affect the color of your stool.

Check out this article for a more professional answer

You should try stop drinking the grape juice for a week or so, and see if ur feces is still green or not. If its still green, its probably something u eat everyday. If ur really bothered, go see a doctor and he or she might be able to help u out.

Cindy T
It is probably the juice. I know that blue slushes, snow cones, cool aid or popsicles will make stools greenish in color. Should not be a problem. Also, grape juice (or any other fruit juice) will cause your stool to be loose.

T. G
Green Feces is caused by these 10 disorders:
Salmonella - can cause greenish stool (usually diarrhea)
Giardia - can cause greenish stool (usually diarrhea)
Swallowed postnasal drip - ie. from an upper respiratory disorder
Intestinal disorder
Starvation stools - usually in children; green watery stool caused by being on a liquid diet for a few days (e.g. if ill)
See also dark stool, blood in stool, or stool color changes
Normal breast-fed baby
Certain foods
Some cow milk formulas

You might have one of these problems and don't even know it.

'maters Granny
Yellow or green can indicate bile in the feces. If you are not eating green leafy. Clay color can also indicate some kind of liver involvement. Don't worry. If you see bright red blood, or black tarry then worry. Color can vary from day to day. Vitamins can cause stool color change also, especially when Iron is present. That is usually where black tarry come in. Increase in fluids can cause looseness. If it turns to diarrhea than cut back on the fluids. For some people Grape juice has a laxative effect.

It could possibly be the dye in the grape drink....or, you might have some kind of food poisoning since you're also experiencing loose bowels.

Your diet dictates what your feces looks like. Loose and green could mean you are eating something high in fiber. Or it could mean you are sick.

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