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 At what time it's better to go to the loo? Morning or evening? any "official" health indication from doctors?

 I cant sleep, at all.....Help?
Ok soooo heres the deal, I cant sleep,at all. And ive tried all the little home remedies and what not. Nothing works. I stay awake alll night and im dead the next day. And I want to take a nap but I ...

 What is your sleep routine?
I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I wake up droopy eyed and very tired. I sleep @ 10 pm and wake up @ 9 pm. I tend to workout before I sleep, drink a warm glass of milk, and listen to ...

 Do you twitch when you tell a lie?
Or does something else give you away?...

 Urgh nooo ... what's the best cure for Diarrheoa?
I got the runs, obviously, advice please?...

 free clinic information?
i have a horrible open sore on the back of my head thats just oozing! I dont have medical insurance but i know theres a free clinic in my area. I'm 21 years old and ive never had to use a free ...

 any ideas how to stop biting nails??? plz help!!!!?

 i was castrated when i was 17 what do females think about castration?

 Husband rubs hand through hair repetitively during sleep?
My husband usually when he's stressed about something will run his hand through his hair during sleep. His hand will stop after the third time and stay suspended on his head then when his arm ...

 Ovarian cysts - treating them by prescription meds causes me other problems, any simple cure or advice?
The last couple years, I have been having odd periods meaning 2 days this month, then maybe skip a month then maybe 5-6 days etc. This causes me to get ovarian cysts -sometimes large. My Dr. has ...

 I need help with my NAILS! they are really short!?
I need my nails to grow, I want something that will hopefully make them grow fast, I used a laquor once and that helped... ALOT!

I'm not looking for treatments for not biting my nails,...

 Are you happy with your health care plan?
and why, and what do you think we can do to change it?...

 i am frequently cold, i sometime end up being too cold that my hands are frozen then my nails turn blue .why?

 Why do i get really dizzy at night?
When I'm dead asleep. I suddenly get so dizzy that it feels like the bed is shaking. I literally have to sit up for a minute and calm myself down. It happends every few months. What is this?

 what to do about night cravings?
ok im 15 and im not fat or anything im closer to skinnythen fat buti have SOOOOOOOOO many night timecravings liek every night i snee downstairs and eat so much junk food i try to stop but its so ...

 Does lack of sleep cause low blood pressure?
I'm an insomniac and lately i've had serious dizziness whenever i go to the gym or do somehing. Could it be cause I don't get enough or could it have something to do with my light ...

 Sleep Paralysis, have you experienced it?
If so, how do you deal with it? I sometimes experience it with my eyes open, I try to move but can't, it used to be the most scarey of experiences until I learnt how to deal with it. I know it�...

 lysol says it kills 99% of the germs?
what is the one percent and why is there not anything that kills 100%...

 I'm fifteen, when would my mom ever look at my medical records?
I'm getting plastic surgery with my dad's consent, and we both don't want my mom to know (long story, no lectures please). I know it will be on my medical records. When would my mom ...

 I've been really tired lately and ive had loads of sleep?
Last night I had 13 hours of sleep and I'm really tired already and its only half six? Its been like this all week exept ive been getting up at 6:45 for school? Any one know what this can be?...

Will holding in the urge to pee stretch your bladder?
When you have to "go" really badly, and you hold it in, will it stretch your bladder so it can hold more and you won't feel the urge to go pee as often? It's a weird theory me and a friend have, and I want to know if it's true.

I know it's a weird question, but please be kind. :)

No it won't. Also, this is very bad, because if you continue to do this, you will lose control of your bladder when you are older. You could simply sneeze and wet your pants. Also, you don't want to risk getting any type of bladder infection.

The Nonn
No, but what it will do is weaken the muscle that you use to hold it in. Eventually you can lose control if the muscle (it's your bladder sphincter) gets too week you'll be prone to peeing your pants. Never a good thing.

well i dont think so but you can get a bladder infection if you hold it in to long well thats what my mom says anyway

no. it will put you at greater risk for a bladder infection. if you,ve never had one, you don,t want to find out.

theoretically your bladder would stretch to be able to hold more, but at the same time you run the risk of urinary tract infections, kidney infections and cancer of the bladder.

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