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 i am always constipated,i don't have a regular bowel movement and it bothered me a lot.what should i do?

 whats the best thing for a hangover?
my head feels like its been axed and the room still moving a bit like when your on a boat haha im so ill helllpppppppp
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and yes it was a good night the bits i can ...

 Help me!!! i'm very constipated?
I am extemely Constipatied! And have been for about 2 or more weeks :(?
I feel very bloated, put when i push n push there no sign at al of movement of my soils!! But there does feel like large ...

 I'm very sick and kind of scared--can you please help?
I've been vomiting all day and now I can't eat or drink anything--it just comes right out--even water. I know I should be drinking fluids but when I do I just get extremely nauseous and ...

 How many hours do you sleep daily?

 I'm 14 and I had two cigarettes out of curiosity, how can i get it out of my system?
I am completely disgusted by what I did. I did it on my own...
I'm so disgusted by what I've just put inside my body...the poisonous toxins...
how can I get it out of my system?...

 What's the best way to give up smoking?

 slouching?good posture?
are you slouching now?or are you sitting up staright now?
haha...i wanna know how many ppl slouch cos i do that(but now i'm having a terrible backache):P...

 somebody just told me i could be allergic to msg, what is this?

Additional Details
and where can i get tested for this?...

 Do you think smoking weed is really that bad?
I just don't understand why people make such a big deal out of smoking pot. Is it because the people who are against it never tried it?...

 Why does licking chapped lips make it worse?
Just a random question, and no, my lips aren't chapped. I'm just trying to quit blistex (yes, I am actually addicted to blistex) and I became curious as to why if chapped lips are due to ...

 what do you do if you can't sleep?
how do you get yourself to sleep? i ALWAYS have a hard time getting to sleep and most of the time i'm up for hours just tossing and turning and still am wide awake. how can i get myself to sleep ...

 I just swallowed chewing gum by accident?
Will anything bad happen?...

 I've got the giggles really bad?
I'm not even sure what started it, but it's getting worse even typing this Q and that when I have typed the word giggle, I giggle even more!

Why is this, what makes us do it and ...

 PARACETAMOL. Can this help me get a good nights sleep?
I am an oldie (77) and I am a really poor sleeper.

I don't want to take 'sleeping pill' if this can be avoided.

A neighbour has told me that sometimes two ...

 Can anyone suggest a drink to help me sleep at night that dosn't contain alcohol cheers

 Earlier, i saw a kitten and got a really massive hard-on. What is wrong with me?

 Why can I smell something other's can't?
Over the past 3 days about once a day I have smelt something, it kind of smells like a fart or poop, and when I say something the other people with me say they can't smell it.

Any ...

ive been quite sick now for a whil and i have pneumonia i feel quite tight in the shoulder and find it hard to breath maybe once a hour for about 7 mintures it feel like my tube is closing i also ...

 i've gone 38hrs without a cig but am nearly climbing the walls for one?
any idea's to take my mind off my craving? i'm doing cold turkey after smoking for 20yrs (dont fancy patches or gum)...

Will eye drops make you sick if injested orally ?
In the movie "Wedding Crashers" eye drops or put into a glass of water to make someone ill. Does this actually work ?


Yes it does!


Yep. And you can be charged with poisoning someone.

Mom just had a cornia transplant, I was putting her drops in her eye, and one missed, I took my finger and wiped it off. Forgot and ate something later. It got on the food from my finger and just that one drop made me sick as a dog, couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for hours. Made me sick, sick sick.....

Would hate for anybody to do that to somebody on purpose.

Yes, I've heard of people around here putting it in someone's drink to actually knock them out so that they could rob them. Someone put too much in this guy's drink and now he is in the nursing home. So please don't try.

Most eye drops are essentially saline solutions. Atropine like drops are used for glaucoma and a large dose could cause tachycardia and illness.

never tried it - sorry

ya, i wouldnt try it!!!!!

It's basically salt water. Too much salt is an emetic (can make you throw up)

I don't think they would kill anyone. Maybe make you feel a little weird. If you can put them into your eyes, they can't be toxic. Good question though

Yes, it will make you very sick. It is a common prank, similar to putting ex-lax in someone's drink. But it's not reccomended, as the reaction could be severe and you don't want to be responsible for making someone really ill.

Most defiantley eye drops can kill you if you injest to much

i dunno. but I wouldn't try it anyways

they have a laxative effect due to the active (main) substance in them.

Nope.When I was a bartender we had a little trick we used to do irate and rude customers(its an oldie).We would put a few dropd of eye drops in their drinks and later on they would have to RUN to the bathroom and cop a squat...it was funny!! It wont kill you or make you throw up.

I see another person in here knows(Tudor).

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