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Why does alcohol, especially beer, go through your system so fast and make you have to pee so suddenly?

hold on for as long as you can, cause once you go the 1st time, you can't stop!

I dont know but it sure feels good when you empty your bladder = )

Toking Space Cowboy

because you are deliberately drinking more than you normally would

haha i wish i knew, i try so hard not to break the seal because once i do i pee allll night. i guess it could have something to do with drinking so much liquid in such a short amount of time?

I'm guessing your body is trying to rid itself of the toxin. It is a pain though to try to enjoy happy hour and constantly running to the bathroom...lol

Mom of 1 expecting girl 9/21/09
Alcohol actually blocks inhibitors in your body that make your body feel the urge not to pee. That is why you have to pee so much. Alcohol is a diuretic which means that the water is pulled from the rest of your body and flows into your blood stream thus causing your body to release it through the excreted urine. It's actually very interesting how the kidney receptors work in your body and how alcohol and some drugs react causing you to urinate so much!

because your drinking too much

you better be glad it does,, or else you will pay the consequences

because alcohol goes right through the lining of your stomach directly into your bloodstream.

the kidney then filters it out.

end result- pee.

Girl that is so true..... It seems like when I drink beer i run back and forth to the restroom.. It's kinda embarassing when it happens at the bar and you're in public.. But it's better to go and get it out for as many time as you have to rather than peeing on urself...


Vanessa E
Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it's a substance which increases the amount of urine output.

It's not the actual alcoholic drink which you pee out - what the alcohol does is inhibit a certain hormone which is involved in water retention.

Don't ask me how it does that LOL

Sandra W
Alcohol acts like a diuretic, like the drug Lasix does, causing you to use the bathroom more. That's why if you drink a lot, you get a hangover, it makes you dehydrated. Plus, your kidneys know it's a toxin and tries to rid your body of it a quickly as possible.

Its not that 'it goes through your system' faster. Alcohol kind of works as a diuretic (pulls water out of your body). That is also why even though you drank a whole bunch the night before you wake up the next day with a dry mouth. Essentially you are hung over because you are severely dehydrated and your electrolytes are off.

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